Holiday Decor, Sticky Cleavage, and a Cat that Reads

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How about a little Instagram goodness? I got a lot of unimportant things done today, zero homework, and still managed not to write a post until now. I'm such a slacker.

Today was rather chill. Literally. When out to lunch with my husband, he gestured wildly and knocked a huge plastic diner cup full of Coke down my shirt. His aim couldn't have been better. I sat there cold and drenched while we finished our lunch. At least it was diet...calories and all. Who knew bras were so absorbent? 

The holidays exploded all over this household. Tree? Decorated. Television? Even more entertaining. Kiddo's room? Lit up. Even the spaceship kite above his bed got in on the action. To top it off? A lovely dusting of snow. Our dog posed for this picture like the consummate professional he is. 

I also learned a couple things over the last week: we are going to need a bigger tree to accommodate the exorbitant amount of ornaments we own. Which means we need a new house to accommodate said tree. I probably should have held back on buying First Time on the Potty, First Time Spelling My Name, I Can Put on My Own Socks, and I Pet the Kitty ornaments. And that is just my husband. Ba dum tish. Also, we are acquiring quite the collection of I Love You Post-its around our TV. It's because we are lazy they are too sweet to throw away.

Kiddo soakin' it up in the hot tub. He's the little white thing among all the white. There were some serious shenanigans taking place in the checkout line at Michael's. I think that owl is giving me the stink-eye. Do they have some sort of rule that says no more than 2 employees can ring people out at a time? And they must be new hires who barely passed register training? I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a Salted Caramel Latte from Starbucks while I studied. It was good, yo! I perked right up.We have so many pictures of Kiddo and Mister Vista reading together. Therefore, our lunacy has manifested itself as a rather odd new tradition of faking taking pictures of him enjoying a good read. I see a coffee table book in our future...

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