My couch has a dent...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

the exact size and shape of my rump.

The days following Christmas are always a little depressing for me. You, too? Oh, good. The presents have been opened, my pants are tight, and there is a "now what?" hanging in the air. Not to say there is a little black rain cloud hovering over this house. It was an awesome Christmas...perhaps the best. But I always find that special blend of post-semester and post-Christmas hangovers a little weird.

The thought of packing up all the ornaments and inviting the most blah month of the year, January, into my life has me dragging my feet a bit. So I'm going to do what any emotionally stable person does on December 27: Close my curtains and pretend it's still the 25th. 
Deny. Deny. Deny.

View from the couch...
and my long lost friend, Fiction.

I broke down and showered last night. Baby steps.

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  1. January is pretty boring, wish we could skip over that month all together.


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