Snow Day

Saturday, January 19, 2013

 This was such a mellow, laid back week. This was only helped by Wednesday's unexpected snow day. I'm not sure the week prior to a semester's start has ever been so, well, chill. Literally and figuratively. 

The only reason we left the house was for Jared's skiing lesson. He's the only child in his group, so for the price of group lessons, he has been getting private lessons for the last 3 weeks. It's awesome. His instructor clearly loves teaching kids, and after a couple practice runs on the bunny hill, they took the lift to the top.

I was nervous, but he was amazing! They did run after run and actually closed the mountain. That little dude is an incredible athlete and lightning fast learner. I've always been in awe of him in that way (as well as a million others). Also, how lucky is he to ski fresh powder his third time on skis, ever?

As luck would have it, my professor/mentor's son also takes lessons around the same time, so we spent a couple hours talking on a non-academic level. Our kiddos have a lot in common, and she is so down to earth. We connected almost immediately last year. I wish we had met earlier in my academic career.

What a great day. It is one of those days that make me stop and think "Stop sweating the small stuff! This is what life is all about." 


  1. I really would love to learn how to ski, what a fun time for Jared! :)

  2. Great Blog - I found you via the meet up :) Hope you can follow back Kayleigh x

  3. Great pictures! I'd love to get a little snow where I'm at! Found you through the blog hop and now following!

  4. Oh, those photos are such a joy to look at. So calming and lovely! And you're so, so right: the little stuff IS the big stuff!

  5. Oh there just something so magical about new snow.
    And I love to see the little ones skiing! Snow boarding is great and all but skiing is where it's at! Looks like he's have a good time!
    new follower here.
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  6. What a lucky boy!!! What beautiful captures!! It is so nice when you have days like that where you slow down and really appreciate the small stuff.

  7. great photos!! those snowmen are adorable :)

    happy sunday!

  8. How lucky for you to have a fresh coat of snow! There isn't any here.....
    It is great that your son is learning to ski at a young age - he will never forget how to do it!


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