High Five for Friday: Let it Snow

Friday, January 18, 2013

This was my last week of freedom for a bit. No, I am not required to turn myself over to the court. I don't think. My (final) semester starts on Tuesday!

You know what calls for a big high five? The fact that there is a 4-day weekend leading up to it. Kiddo's school is out today for parent-teacher conferences and Monday is MLK day. Score!

1. Where has Smucker's strawberry syrup been all my life? Best. Impulse. Buy. Ever.  2. I love Kiddo's bedhead. Is that weird? He showers at night, so it is bouncy, shiny and smells like coconut when he wakes up. I think it reminds me of when he was littler. It is so cute and endearing. Love. It.  3. This hunk of a man is going to grace us with his presence tonight. After 7 days of traveling for work. We have him until Monday, so you can bet we will make the most of family time before he heads out again.  4. An unexpected snow day made this short four day week into an even shorter three day week. Thanks to New England weather, the predicted "dusting" of snow turned into inches. I went in to turn off Jared's alarm and let him know he could go back to sleep when he said, "This is the best thing I've ever heard."  5. I'm on my second novel in as many weeks. It's a Christmas miracle! I read away while Kiddo had swimming lessons yesterday. I vow not to abandon this one when classes start up again. Balance is the name of the game and there is no reason I can't read for enjoyment during the semester. I heard about the 'word of the year' trend for the first time through other bloggers around New Years, and although I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon, the word balance has been coming up a lot for me lately. Consider it my unofficial motto for 2013.

My high five is really a high six this week. This one is for you, Baby Kaitlyn. If you aren't watching Honey Boo Boo, you should. You will realize how normal your family actually is. And be grateful that spaghetti in your house doesn't consist of ketchup and butter on noodles.  But I digress. 

I have always envied regular Crock-Pot users. It must make meal planning so much easier. So when this little gem showed up on my doorstep, I jumped for joy. So many marked pages already. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I never have to wait the obligatory 5-8 business days to get a package. I'm planning some slow cooker meals...pronto.


  1. strawberry syrup? I need to try that! and that hair picture is cute! :)

  2. Snow days are always the best! You'll have to share some crock pot recipes once you find some good ones!

  3. hi. I'm a new follower from the blog hop. Your blog is funny : D I'm really craving pancakes now.

  4. What a lovely way to sum up your week - photos and memories :-)

    Found your blog via the Meet and Greet Blog hop and am following now :-)


    1. Hi Michele! Thank you for the lovely comment. I can't get enough of your blog...so glad to have connected with you!

  5. I really need to get myself a Crock Pot! Cute post!

    Greetings from Sunny San Diego! I'm a new follower too!

    http://thedoilyduck.blogspot.com ... Come stop by sometime :) Thanks!


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