Friday: The day after Thursday . . .

Friday, April 5, 2013

 and before Saturday according to Rebecca Black. Also the most annoying day of the week now.

Aaron Peckham

This week has been tough but fulfilling. Personal and academic breakthroughs made the I don't know if I can get all this done moments worthwhile.  Because I got it done. All of it.
1. Mr. Vista is home!  Although terribly traumatized by his collar, he is so much better and well on his way to getting back to normal. There have been more and more glimpses of the mischievous Vista we know and love over the last couple days.   
2. Avocados may just be the best food in the whole wide world. Although I dig avocados in general, these bad boys were picked fresh from a tree. In California. A coworker sent Mario home with a big bag of them and I have been savoring every moment.   
3.  This girl hit the gym this morning. For the first time this semester. I have been gloomy and stressed and feeling progressively more out of shape climbing the 3 flights of stairs to the Biology floor several times per day.  So I finally did something about it. I dusted off my sneakers (No really. Everything in my locker was coated in a layer of dust. As if to remind me that I am a slacker.) and climbed on the elliptical, expecting to be miserable. I wasn't! The hour flew by and before I knew it I had finished over 5 miles. Can I tell you how good I feel right now? I am not someone who likes exercise, but my body was clearly craving this. Can I be reminded of this morning next time I decide to be my own worst enemy?  
4. Loft (my new BFF) was having a 50% everything sale earlier this week, so I splurged on several dressier shirts. This beautiful lace one showed up within a couple days and the other two should make an appearance soon. It is oh so lovely.   
5. I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new cap and gown. Because unlike high school, in college you don't have to recycle the stinky duds worn by previous classes. Boy is graduation becoming real. In about a month I will be wearing this bad boy while walking across a stage to claim a really important rolled up piece of paper.

Tomorrow I am presenting at my first academic conference. I set up at 8:15a, but don't present until 4:15p, so it will be a long day spent learning about all kinds of research. I have doubted myself so many times throughout this project, but I did it and will have this accomplishment to my name forever. Afterward, the boys and I are going out for a celebratory dinner.

In other news, Mario has started sporting giant noise-reducing headphones. In public. A fact I find endlessly entertaining.

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm so glad that Vista is home, he looks less than thrilled lol.

  2. That avocado looks amazing! I love them, too :) And your lace shirt is beautiful.

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