Taking a little time...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

to smell the roses.

Although spring is well underway here in New England, each morning brings new blooms and a greener landscape. To think that a mere month ago our front yard still bore snow.

The last couple of days I have taken the time to walk around our property and really appreciate how lucky we are to be surrounded by such beauty. A year from now we will be bidding it adieu. Saying goodbye to three beautiful acres of forest. Saying goodbye to our pond and its amazing little ecosystem. Although it is time to start thinking ahead to where our next dwelling will be, I want to soak up what our current home has to offer.

I will miss the quiet solitude that living in the country provides. I will miss being sung to sleep by our froggy friends. But I look forward to having neighbors and kiddos nearby Jared can play with. I look forward to the cultural and social exploration that comes with moving to a new region.

This morning Mario and I went out to breakfast, laptop in hand, and went state by state evaluating potential grad schools. Portland, OR... Savannah, GA... Pocatello, ID... Salt Lake City, UT... Denver, CO... and the list goes on. I was rooting for Austin, Texas, but alas.

Things will be different, sure, but any place has the potential to be home. The opportunity to advance my career, and having the boys by my side, makes where seems a little less important. Letting go of now, which is safe and comfortable, is a necessary task. One I shouldn't look upon with sadness and trepidation. A new chapter is being written.


  1. How beautiful! Enjoy that gorgeous scenery! :)

  2. Ah, I always love your pics showing the tips of your feet... makes me giggle everytime! I hadn't realized you lived on a property surrounded by nature like that... for some reason, I imagined you downtown, walking to coffee shops. It's nice to be away from the hustle and bustle, isn't it? We used to live right downtown and I did enjoy quick jaunts to get coffee or food, and walking amongst the students (we lived next to the university). But last summer, we moved to the suburbs. Our backyard is now full of lush vegetation (well, hedges anyway!), birds, and even rabbits! So wonderful to wake up to the sounds of chirping birds or rain falling on leaves, instead of screaming drunken students, haha!

  3. living vicariously through your spring photos!

  4. Beautiful photos and I have those exact same flip flops:) I love flip flop weather!

  5. Great, I was leaving a memoir of a comment, and deleted it all! Enjoy your last year of your beautiful surroundings, I think you sound ready for a bit of change. Would love to trade with you.


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