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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's been a while since I have written a truly random post. There are always bits of this and that I think would be fun to blog about... but individually they hardly warrant and entire blog post (and perhaps still do not). So when they begin to accumulate in my filled-to-the-brim brain, these kinds of posts result.

Still there? Oh, good.

Remember how Carrie Bradshaw wore Aidan's underwear? And somehow managed to look chic doing it? Well, there's something to stealing your man's underpants. Holy comfortable drawers, Batman.

Now Hanes makes them for the ladies. I've never been more pleased. TMI? It had to be done. Consider this a public service announcement.

Source: crossfit.com via Sarah on Pinterest

I've been needing a body shake-up for a long time now. Recently a CrossFit studio opened up in our town. They require that participants take an introductory class, plus attend a month-long "training" session before attending regular classes. I like that they ease people into it, as I hear it is quite intense, but making all the classes will be tough with Mario's work schedule (the intro classes are from 7-8a or 6:30-7:30p... not convenient with a kiddo to get to school and put to bed).

So I'm considering two weeks of private training to expedite the process and allow for more suitable workout times. Any experienced (or beginner) CrossFit participants with a word of advice? Now that school is over, there is simply no excuse not to focus on my needs. A significant lifestyle change is long overdue. While the bloody knees and blistering palms terrify intimidate me, I've heard CrossFit can be life changing.

Back in March, during my spring break, I took a solo getaway to Cape Cod. One night, while relaxing in my hotel room, I unexpectedly found myself completely enthralled with a QVC segment featuring this self tanner. Then something unexpected happened: I ordered it. From a hotel room over takeout sushi. The girls were so golden and the sight of my pasty legs drove me to do it. I was no longer a home shopping virgin.

I should start by saying that, historically, I have been quite terrified of self tanners. I always imagine I am going to resemble Lindsay Lohan once it develops. Or have strange orange sweat streaks running down my leg a la Christina Aguilera. Oompa Loompa is not a good look on me.

Can I just tell you how amazing this stuff is? Which is good because I bought a Costco-worthy bottle. It's a mousse that you apply with a mitt. It blends in seamlessly and imparts a lovely, natural glow. My gams no longer look like they belong to a corpse! I first tried it before graduation just over a week ago and couldn't believe how easy it was to use. It. Is. Awesome. I must remind myself that not everything on QVC will be this great, however. Resist the kitten sweater, Sarah. You are not 85 years old.

In other news, post-honors convocation dinner and drinks with the family at my favorite local martini bar reignited my love for their pickle juice martini. Sure, I have cankles and my wedding ring leaves a dent in my marshmallow finger, but boy does mama love these. Husband recreates this drink really well. I feel very "1950s housewife" carrying it around the house.


  1. Adorable underwear, love the polka dots!

  2. lol. This was definitely a Random Roundup. You should do it more often because that was hilarious. And good luck with crossfit! I've heard it's pretty intense. I've never been bold enough to do it, mostly because I'm afraid of injury. I'll stick to dancing in my living room and lifting weights while watching Doctor Who. You just have to do whatever works.

  3. you are too funny! I like the sound of a martini - but with an olive, possibly (probably) wearing a cat shirt, staring past my husband's undies at my oompa loompa legs. make that a double please!

  4. Hi Sarah! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Every comment means a lot to me. I still have not mastered the art of poaching an egg (ok I have only actually tried it once since I made it my monthly goal. Oops) but I will let you know when I finally do so you can steal any tips or techniques I discover. I throughly enjoyed this random post. I am a sucker for the Jergens tanner but I have certainly been hearing good things about the St Topez lately. I'm still too scared to switch though.


    1. Jergins is good, too, but the whole "mousse" form is awesome! I need foolproof!

      There are so many little things I'd love master. Poaching an egg is one of them. :)

  5. Am laughing thinking about you walking around the house with your martini... Love it! :-)


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