It's 4:58 on Friday afternoon.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Do you know where your margarita is?

 Amy Neftzger

Happy Friday, friend! Today is rainy and peaceful. I have the lab to myself, so my day is being spent sterilizing and prepping for my beautiful lung cells that come early next week. My fingers will be crossed all weekend (and into next week) that they grow for me. There are only 3 weeks left of my research, and it would be amazing to achieve success... and to be the first person to culture human cells at my school. I'm nervous and excited.

This was a good, full week, but I'm exhausted and look forward to switching off my alarm clock at bedtime tonight. High five for Friday!

1// Long live dodgeball. Although it seems it was created for the quick and agile (aka not me), it's a great activity. Kiddo has been playing at the Y for the last few weeks and loves it. He comes out glowing and proud. 2// One of my favorite breakfast/lunch/snack treats: herb goat cheese and smoked salmon on whole grain crackers. It hits the spot when I'm feeling lazy but need sustenance. It's easy peasy and so delish. I picked up some Ak-Mak crackers at Trader Joe's and wish I'd bought more... they are the perfect addition.  3// Tonight marks one full week of CrossFit under my belt. Which I hope is getting a few notches smaller. I had a breakthrough on Wednesday and really found my groove. I love it!  4// I can't take the cuteness overload.  5// All I want to wear right now are my lace-less Chucks. They are comfy and perfect for running around in any weather. I wish there were more colors!

We don't have much in the works for what is going to be a rainy, cool weekend. I see a lot of movies, home cooked meals, and family time. Perfection.

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  1. I loved playing dodgeball and honestly still do haha.


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