A weekend in photos...

Monday, June 10, 2013

We were not feeling particularly ambitious this past weekend so we used the time to reconnect, catch up on household duties, and relax. Movies, home cooked meals... it was lovely.

Friday brought breakfast with my main man...

... and a graduation gift from two amazing friends. I miss them every day.

I also wrapped up my first whole week of CrossFit and officially became a convert. I am already up by 25lbs on my deadlift.

Saturday saw a new dip recipe (yum!), homemade croissant-wrapped mini sausages for Kiddo, and Oriental Chicken Salad for the grown ups.

I drank way too much of a certain brew over the weekend.

Sunday morning breakfast.

Unintentional thrifting. A local antique store is closing and Mario scooped these up for me. He's the bestest.

Another unintentional Pyrex find. Mario went to sell some lingering CDs from our January purge-fest and found this Pyrex coffee set. Complete with cream and sugar containers. It's darling!

This weekend we ate at home every night. It was awesome! Last night I made our favorite Green Chili Enchiladas. It was a delicious disaster. Since living in New England, I have not been able to find good corn tortillas that don't fall apart. I finally resigned to the fact that it was going to be more of a casserole. Mario and I had a good laugh over the whole rigmarole. I meal planned for this week and hope to keep up our no-eating-out momentum. We have a month-long vacation coming up in July (and a house-/petsitter to pay) and need to save our pennies. Eating out, although sometimes necessary, is a budget-buster.

I feel rested and ready to take on another busy week. Mario hits the road tonight for a couple days, my cells come tomorrow and I'm just praying I can successfully culture them, and Kiddo has a big NYC field trip on Friday. In addition to all our usual activities. 

I thought it was supposed to be summer! Still, it's good to be staying busy. Although I have a feeling I will be visiting the derm, eye doctor, and getting my teeth cleaned all in the week before  leaving for vacation.

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  1. That pyrex find is amazing!!! So jealous.

  2. Ahhhhhh.... Thank you so much for the Pyrex pics! I love the new finds (and I didn't miss the little bowl holding your weekend brew for the Keurig). Those little green flowers are so sweet!


  3. Mmm all that food delicious! Great pics :)


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