Summer begins today.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday! This particular Friday marks the end of my summer research... I'm a free woman. And mom. And wife. Soooo perhaps 'less pressed for time' is more accurate. Although I'm glad to officially begin my summer vacation, saying goodbye to all my work was a little bittersweet.

Today also marks the end of my CrossFit Foundations course. I'm at a fork in the road... I'm a little intimidated by the regular classes but also comfortable with the moves. I've scoped out some studios that I can visit during our vacation and hope to advance despite being away. I have seen a huge change in how I feel and have progressed significantly over the last month.  More than I ever imagined. It's really important to me that I don't lose my footing. 

This was a good week. Calm and low key:
1// Kiddo came to work with me on Wednesday and again today. He was so helpful and beyond adorable. Watching him study cells under the microscope, explore the little worms studied in another lab, and help me carry out my duties was awesome. It was a huge bonding experience. He couldn't wait to come back this morning. I just love this little scientist in the making.  2// I scooped up these Old Navy compression pants about a week ago. The "compression" part made me a little leery, but they are hands-down the best workout pants I've ever worn. I must have more.  3// I passed these cheery blooms every day this week on my morning walk from the lab to a local coffee shop. They made my day brighter. 4// Kiddo was feeling a little under the weather, and we didn't have enough time to go home before our next obligation, so we picked a shady area next to a park and took a little siesta in the car. It was lovely.  5// I just discovered the local sushi joint I frequent (1/2 price sushi between 11 and 3 on weekdays... booyah!) can make my favorite rolls with brown rice. I can cut back on the white stuff and still enjoy my fix. Shazam!

The next few days will be spent relaxing, making progress on my chair refinishing project, and prepping for our trip. Packing for a month away from home, and a week of camp for Kiddo, is no easy feat. Not to mention all the instructions I need to leave for the housesitter. Lots and lots of lists. Fortunately, I have a whole week to get organized.

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  1. I love those old navy compression pants, definitely my favorite!


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