The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.

Monday, July 1, 2013

 It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein

Ahhh, Monday. You're back. Welcome. 

This weekend was spent with the boys and had few shenanigans to speak of. Saturday we made the voyage to the nearest Old Navy, over an hour away, so I could make a return and scope out a new pair of shorts. Little did I know, a $1 flip flops event was taking place.

Holy moly! I had no idea what I was walking into. The cashier said at one point people had to wait outside because the building had reached capacity. Am I missing something? Don't get me wrong. I love flip flops. But the plain rubber ones tear up my toes. I simply can't imagine standing in line for an hour to buy them. The arrow is pointing to The Best Husband in the World award recipient. He immediately got in line with my return and moved along while I did my shopping. He got a pair of $1 sandals for his efforts.

On our way there we made a detour and stopped at a lovely farm/produce stand. We picked strawberries and enjoyed the beautiful weather. That is how a strawberry should taste... pure bliss. All the vibrant colors made my heart happy. Oh and how I adore those boys.

Although I have been the queen of clean eating the past several weeks, fried pickles and pistachio ice cream may have made an appearance this weekend. What's life without the occasional treat?

In other news, I finally bit the bullet and removed my GFC widget. I've seriously considered it for months and months, but think my blogging self esteem was too tied into that number. No longer. I started out blogging for me (I know, I know. Everyone says that.) and now I am free to do so without that pesky number glaring at me from the sidebar. Do I still want people to read and connect with me? A resounding YES! But too many times, especially when I was feeling particularly vulnerable, I used the number of followers I had (or how often the number went up or down) to dictate who I was as a blogger. I didn't change my content, per se, but I questioned my ability to write, to connect with others, and to decide whether or not this blog is a total mockery. July 1st, the day that Google Reader, a platform I never used, becomes irrelevant is as good a day as any for a fresh start. I still add great blogs to my Blogger blogroll (manually, now) and read my faves everyday. 

I have a month of exploring the western US to blog about in the coming weeks. I attended my first 'real' CrossFit class this morning after a month of prep (and didn't keel over!). I'm moving on to an incredible, scary new chapter in my life. I want to write about it. It's a release. I love hearing from others who can relate in some capacity (and me to them). I hope that continues despite my abandonment of a rather pesky widget. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. I really want to go to Old Navy on Saturday but once I realized a sale was going on I stayed home. haha.


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