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Saturday, August 24, 2013

 You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.

Winston Churchill

We have a lot on our plate for today. I have a list, organized by store, sitting on the edge of my desk. I have a wad of coupons carefully compiled and waiting to save us a bit of dough. My husband, however, is taking his sweet time getting out the door. What better time to write a blog post? (Investing my time in something stimulating will stave off annoyance at his snail-like ways.)

There are a few things I'm treasuring right now:

1// Time with my favorite young man. Oh, I love that kid. He has been patient and so incredibly helpful while I pack up the house. We spent more time in his room boxing up knick-knacks and stowing away some of his Legos. He didn't bat an eye or complain once.

Last week we went to the new Percy Jackson movie together and had a great time. I didn't even mind that it was in 3D.

Yesterday, while grabbing a few things at Target, he turned down the opportunity to hang out in the toy section while I scoped out bathroom rugs. I'd rather hang out with you, Mom. I literally melted into a puddle on the spot. All the worries and cares that normally seem huge are quite miniscule while spending time with him. He's all that matters.

2// A new found blog has my heart going pitter-patter. I read about the curator of the site in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living, a grocery store line impulse buy. She photographs one object (or a small collection of objects) found in nature every day. It's simple and beautiful.

3// As I pack up the house a bit, rearrange, and clean, I often enjoy background noise. Earlier this week I discovered the show Castle. It's lighthearted and fun, and the vast majority of the episodes are appropriate for Kiddo. Mario watched an episode with us and caught the bug, so now we are having mini Castle marathons thanks to reruns. Mario and I often watch Law and Order before bed, but after years of watching our DVR is full of episodes we've already seen. It's nice to have 5 seasons of unwatched episodes ahead of us.

4// Our master bath is painted in a light grey and came with a buttery yellow sink. Our bedroom is a lovely yellow as well. Our realtor suggested tying it all together by adding yellow accents in the bathroom when the time comes to stage it for potential buyers. I have never really gone gaga for chevron, but I fell in love with the "sun eclipse" line at Target. (The photo hardly does it justice color-wise . . . it's actually quite vibrant.) It captures all the shades of grey and yellow between the two rooms perfectly. We snagged a bath rug and a set of towels. We haven't purchased new towels in 7+ years, so it was long overdue. Two birds, one stone.

5// I first heard this song in the background of an ad for a new show and it immediately caught my attention. It's hauntingly beautiful and has been on repeat in my head for days.

Knocking so many things off my ever-revolving list has me feeling optimistic. My class starts on Monday but, as I mentioned before, will only take up four hours per week of class time. This gives me plenty of room to study for the upcoming GREs and to continue with the work on our house. I hope a job is in my near future, but for now I'm enjoying the lack of how am I going to balance everything?! stress that usually comes at the start of a semester. I'm coming back as a college grad with one remaining grad school prerequisite to get under my belt. That's exciting! When the job thing is accomplished, I'll work on navigating the logistics of after school care, studying, etc. Until then . . . one thing at a time.

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  1. There is nothing better than tackling the to-do list. :)

  2. Oh I do like that song!!! And that print is pretty sweet... I just noticed you've switched up your blog name too! I'm a little behind, but looking forward to catching up on your posts!


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