On This Fine Friday: Flowers, Food and a Forgetful Wife

Friday, August 9, 2013

 Happy Friday! This was our first full week home and the transition back to real life was pretty darn seamless. I attribute that to the various appointments I had lined up after our return. While they weren't early mornings by any means, I did have to set an alarm and quickly reestablish a schedule.  That, I think, made all the difference. No suffering through time change confusion and our days seem productive and long. Still, I can't believe it is already over and we are another week closer to school and hustle and bustle of fall. I do love fall, though. Still, let's not go there quite yet.

I have a confession to make: Wednesday was our anniversary. That's not the confession, really. This is: I forgot. Totally and completely forgot. Mario seemed to sense my lapse in memory and used it to his advantage. Needless to say, I was surprised when he came hope with an armload of presents. Normally we celebrate in a low key way, then add to that the fact that I was clueless. Oh the guilt. It was heavy. I did make it up to him with a surprise dinner date the next night. Tell me I'm not the only wife who has let this day slip her mind?

Despite having a full plate things are good here. Happy, a little nervous about everything that is coming up, but overall content. Here are some highlights from the past few days:

The anniversary dinner I mentioned before? So. Good. Mario suggested we try the restaurant at a local inn and we weren't sorry. We nibbled on small plates so we could try a bit of everything that struck our fancy. I had my first foray into avocado fries (hello!) and artichoke bites (poppers made with goat cheese and artichoke). It was so nice to slip out and enjoy a bite together. My guilt lessened ever so slightly...

That armful of anniversary gifts I spoke of? Pyrex. All Pyrex. Three were in patterns I didn't have and the small traditional flower print bowl completes a set. He even found a brand new piece still in the box... in a pattern I'd never seen before. That man is a dreamboat. Did I mention the flowers? Oh, the guilt rears its ugly head.

Despite coming home to a barren fridge, three of the last four meals have been home cooked. I was over eating out, and still nursing a sensitive stomach, so it's nice to eat real food. I love a good diner breakfast, but there is something to be said for fresh, healthy fare. Also, I spied these K-cups a couple days ago on an end cap at Target and decided to give them a try. They have quickly become a new favorite... yum!

We didn't buy much while on vacation. First, we were determined not to dip into savings which meant being somewhat money conscious. Second, lugging around more stuff than we already had would have been quite cumbersome. Therefore, everything we came home with was unique and meaningful and our savings remained untouched.

On our last day I was drawn into Sage Spa Living, a shop/salon combo in Bozeman. As soon as I saw this cool nail polish line, I had to scoop up a couple bottles. I first fell in love with the colors, then the fact that they are vegan and free of a lot of the ick in normal polishes. Although my diet is not vegan (perhaps one day), I gravitate toward animal and chemical-free products. This stuff is amazing and has me wondering if I'll ever buy "normal" polish again. The color is super saturated and so easy to apply. I just discovered that Sephora sells this brand. I can't wait to try the red color next. And yes, I realize I bought Christmas-y colors. Totally unintentional.

We had a three hour layover at the Newark airport on the way home. I had finished my book on the previous flight and was looking for my next read. I read the back of a dozen books before stumbling across this one. I was meant to find this book. I'm not a self-help book reader by nature, and picking this up was a bit out of character, but I find myself nodding along as I read. It's as if she overheard my inner dialog and witnessed my habits. It just tells me that certain behaviors are universal. This book prompted Mario and I to make a big life decision yesterday morning which has been a relief. It's time to start my own happiness project... and not because I'm unhappy. Because I could be happier.

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  1. Don't feel bad I've forgotten our anniversary too. It happens.

  2. I have been looking for a book like The Happiness Project for a while now - thanks for the post! I'm off to the bookstore soon! Have a great weekend :) Found you on H54F!

  3. That Pyrex is awesome! I love the little brown cat!

  4. I haven't forgotten an anniversary but I have skipped his birthday before. oops! And I love all your Pyrex. I've always wanted to start collecting but just never have. One day...

  5. Oh no! Well not the end of the world...and I am sure you'll have many more anniversaries to make up for it :) your dinner looked lovely!!! Oh and I also love that nail polish! I got some for Christmas last year in a bronzey taupe color.....


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