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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Henry David Thoreau

I intended to write all about our weekend yesterday. Only, I didn't have it in me. We decided to head out of town on short notice Saturday, an attempt to escape the cloud we've been under lately. Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a lovely little coastal town with great shopping and food... it was just the ticket. There will be a post. And photos. Soon.

We have hit a rough patch 'round these parts. Bad news keeps coming and what can possibly go wrong, well, has. This is unusual for us. Everyone experiences adversity, and we are no exception, but when it comes in a steady stream one starts to wonder what is in the air. I'm beginning to wonder if we should sage our auras.

On our way home Sunday afternoon, we were feeling refreshed and ready to take on the school year and usher in fall. On a whim, we stopped at a crowded ice cream place not far from home. I wish we hadn't. You know those events in our lives that take place in a split second? The ones you relive and analyze over and over again, long after it has passed? We had one of those. 

Our dog bit someone. A man quickly approached him, putting his face in Jack's, scaring him. He startled and nipped the man. On the upper lip. We were devastated, and still are. Despite being found totally free of fault, and after numerous reassurances from the man that was bit (a retired vet), the police, and EMTs, we are just sick about it. We have the sweetest, most gentle dog in the world, and now he has this hanging over his head. We have to keep reminding ourselves he's the same Jack we've known and loved for 7 years, but the fact is we can't control other people. They are unpredictable. What if someone was to come at him like that again, despite the fact that it's dog 101 not to? Are there any dog owners out there who can give me some perspective?

In brighter news, I have a new car! The moment I sat in this bad boy, I knew it was meant to be. Love at first drive, if you will. I humored my husband and tried others, but at the end of the day I came back to this Nissan Altima. The pinched nerve in my shoulder is relieved by these new seats, I'm happy to be driving an automatic again, and this ride has all kinds of perks I wasn't looking for but appreciate so much. I was very firm when it came to the monthly payment, and I actually ended up coming in a few dollars under. A friend of ours is a car salesman, and I can't imagine buying from anyone else. He breaks all the stereotypes. We visited another dealer just to be thorough, and he literally sucked the life out of me. I may drive all the way to New Hampshire to buy any future cars from James. He's amazing. The tissue paper flower Jared made for me when I bought my last car went straight into the new one. It has faded, yet serves to brighten my day, every day.

The last couple weeks, while trying, have not been without benefit. My usual tendency is to bury my head in the sand... socially, at least. I usually stop calling friends and family despite needing them the most. Perhaps it is a way to avoid being vulnerable. But this girl is not an island. Talking things through makes them seem smaller. Sound advice  or a new perspective often come when you least expect it. Over the last 2 days, I have caught up with everyone on my list I have neglected. I felt better simply talking to the people I love, and the guilt that comes with neglected relationships melted away. Lesson learned.

This post is kind of lame. And maybe a bummer? I'm sorry. Tomorrow will be better. I promise.


  1. That is awful and I can feel your shock! I am glad the man realized he shared the blame, however. Any dog, however nice, has the capacity to bite when put into an uncomfortable situation. It's their defense. People are often the problem, not the dog, and I am so grateful that everyone involved realized that this time.

  2. :( How awful! I do not blame Jack at all for this, he felt threatened. That man should not have been in his space at all.


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