Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Although only a couple hours away, I have spent little time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I regret that. Downtown is chock full of beautiful little shops, the people are oh so friendly, and the town is Atlantic Ocean adjacent. Portsmouth was settled in 1623, so the architecture is historic and beautiful, but the vibe is decidedly modern. It makes for the perfect little getaway. In fact, I commented to Mario that I could see ourselves living there... it seems to fit our family's personality so well.

We threw together an overnight bag, packed up the new ride, and headed off into the sunset. It was a lovely evening. I vow to visit again soon. Only next time I will walk inside every shop that strikes my fancy, buy something frivolous, and dine on the water. I'd better get there before December if I have any hope of accomplishing the latter task and live to blog about it.


  1. What an adorable place! I love it.

  2. You take some of the best escapes ever - what a delightful get-away. I hope the car is making your bod sing and things are starting to shine in your world (had to do a bit of back-tracking through posts because I've been hit and miss on blog visits of late).


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