It's Friday, yo!

Friday, November 22, 2013

I haven't looked forward to the weekend this much in a while. And I love the weekend. The weather has shifted and the holiday season officially starts (in my opinion) next week. I'm ready to wrap up this semester and spend some time with those boys of mine. The elastic waist pants and comfort food kind of quality time.  

We found out yesterday that Mario's coworker and his wife will be joining us for Thanksgiving. They don't have any family nearby, and probably haven't made many connections yet, as they just recently moved to rural New Hampshire. He took over Mario's old job, so we can definitely relate. We offered to have them come and they accepted. Did I mention they have a one month old? (Baby fix!) I haven't met them yet, but I'm so happy they will be joining us and we are able to share this holiday. No one should be alone on Thanksgiving!

We also reduced the price of our house just a tad this week to see if we can renew interest. While we are not in a hurry to sell right now, we know it's important to stay on the real estate radar. (Moving in the winter would be a bummer of the worst kind, but we certainly wouldn't pass up a good offer.) Between that and upcoming guests, this weekend must include some house cleaning. Time to re-spruce since we've become a little lax about keeping our house staged. Have I mentioned that a housekeeper is on my bucket list?

How about a peek at the week?

1// I bought two new winter scarves at Target this week. I wore this black and white one three days in a row. It is so cozy! I get their coupons via text and saved five bucks. The only thing better than a great scarf is one on sale. (P.S. I clearly still haven't mastered the selfie, as this rather odd face proves.) 2// Winter is announcing its arrival with a nice snow storm predicted for next Wednesday. We are getting our snowblower maintained pronto so we are ready. 3// My 30-day Paleo challenge is over, but I want to keep up momentum by making monthly goals. This month I'm trying to ease up on my coffee consumption. I once went coffee-free for over a year, so I know I can do it. I haven't quit cold turkey, but I'm becoming reacquainted with tea. 4// This week has brought a shift at CrossFit. The workouts are still hard, but I'm not reaching the level of exhaustion I was before. A bit of a plateau, perhaps, since I've gained so much strength. I also realized yesterday that I haven't mastered anything new lately. I'm going in today to talk to my coach about tweaking things, as I don't want to lose momentum. 5// I have several pairs of workout pants that are calf length. I love them and don't want to have to replace them. I spied these legwarmers the other day and scooped them up. They keep my legs warm getting to and from my workouts and I can still wear my favorite pants. No buyers remorse here.

Happy Weekend!


  1. We are having new friends over for Thanksgiving as well. :)

  2. I'm not even usually the biggest scarf fan, but the freezing cold weather is converting me! They really do help with the coziness factor!

  3. Well hello Sarah! I haven't commented in a little while have I? I away for a week and then came back to a sh*t storm at work so I just hoarded all your post notifications in a special folder of my inbbox called "To read and savour"... and lucky for me, I got to "savour" this morning! I am excited to hear that the Crossfit and nutrition and going well! As in really well! I've seen most of the documentatries that you mentioned and really enjoyed them. They were also key to me decision to go vegetarian 18 months ago. I do have bouts of veganism but haven't quite taken the plunge yet (love eggs too much). Love that scarf you picked out... at TARGET??? Really? Very cool!

    Enjoy your thanksgiving company! And I hope today's snowstorm didn't hit you too bad... (lots of accidents here this morning! Thankfully not us!)



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