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Friday, March 28, 2014

Lemony Snicket
I bid farewell to the boys this morning. Kiddo's class boarded a tour bus to Washington, D.C. at the crack of dawn. Mario is chaperoning, which means I'm flying solo for a few days. I stood out in the freezing rain waving goodbye, going mostly unnoticed among the excitement, until I couldn't feel my toes anymore. Kiddo gave me a bear hug goodbye, classmates watching be damned. It's those moments I live for. In those moments, all the frustrations of motherhood melt away and all that is left is the good stuff.

My 5:15 wake up call came too soon for my taste, yet I'm not regretting my early start. Perched in my favorite coffee shop, I'm blogging as the sun comes up over the horizon; maple latte in hand. The barista in charge of the tunes is on my wavelength, so I'm typing to the blissful sound of "Cruisin'" by Smokey Robinson. Zen moments happening. 

After CrossFit, I'm heading on an adventure of my own. Instead of holing up in the house, I'm taking this mini break to, well, break away. We are still very much in New England's off season so hotel rates are a steal. There are many more nautical photos that must be taken before we bid this area adieu. I've chosen two oceanfront destinations in quaint villages, and my camera will not be on auto once this weekend. The quality of the pictures may be questionable, but today is a very good day to start shooting in manual.

In the spirit of good mornings, here's a glimpse at what is making life glow as of late:

1 // Every mom thinks their kiddo is the greatest kid in the whole world and I am no exception. This particular child is spectacular in the best ways possible. He thinks on another plane and those wild, amazing thoughts will change the world one day (or create a real-life tardis). // This week he tied for 3rd place in his fencing tournament. He is no longer classified as a novice, and has been quite pleased at that fact. // He has had his heart set on a pair Chucks for a while and last night we picked out his first pair. He couldn't look cuter. Upon getting them home, I realized they are the same size as I wear. Those stop and catch your breath mom moments are coming more often these days. // At least once a week after school we camp out at our favorite coffee shop and talk or play games. Boy I wish I had the power to freeze moments in time. (Fingers crossed on the tardis?) //
2// Some friends invited me to a morning of mani-pedis. I wasn't feeling it earlier in the week, and thought about opting out, but I'm glad I went. Even though I stuffed my feet back into socks and shoes to brave the freezing cold wind raging outside the nail salon, I felt better with a little sparkle on my piggies. 2// Coastal New England is pretty serene. Here I come. 3// My buddy Jack Sparrow has been tagging along with me a lot lately. Sometimes a high-energy dog and a kiddo feels like a lot, but I love his sweet disposition. No matter my mood, I get nothing but unconditional love from this guy. 4// Is it weird to celebrate eggs? My friend Jill, unprompted, showed up to coffee yesterday with a dozen of these beauties. Fresh from her chickens. I was so excited! Another friend, Jenn, commented that the blue eggs are the best. She's not wrong. //

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  1. Your coffee looks so good, but I don't know how you get up so early! Kudos!


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