Newport, Rhode Island

Friday, April 4, 2014

Although last Friday night was rainy, windy, and altogether unaccommodating, Saturday morning was beautiful. Overcast but pleasant. I walked around Newport's waterfront, camera in hand, snapping shots of the water and quaint nautical village. I must say, however, learning to shoot on manual on a grey day proved a bit difficult. I adjusted the ISO and aperture constantly trying to find the perfect setting. Some green grass or foliage might have helped. But we always tell our son that hitting the slopes on the bad snow days will make him a better skier, and I imagine the same idea applies here.

There is a tiny coffee shop at the end of a pier, and as I sat overlooking the water, sipping my latte, I had a moment. This is what life should be like. My life, specifically. In that moment of stillness, I felt unadulterated bliss. I aim to recreate that feeling as often as possible.

I wanted this painting in a shop window the moment I saw it... but they appeared closed for the weekend. I took a photo so I could remember the artist and look him up. At $1200 for this 8x10, I had to let it go. One day, maybe.
This rugged beauty is for sale. I had a let's sell everything and sail the seven seas moment. I semi-jokingly texted Mario as much and he immediately replied "Call about a price!". One can dream.

I believe these are or were guest houses. Yes, please.
I dare you to find a more quaint coffee shop with a better view. Impossible.

I've yet to see proof of this claim... but I believe it.

These trees look like they belong in The Shire.

Nothing in this sweetest of shops is edible. It's soap. You only make that mistake once.
The Black Pearl is famous for their New England clam chowder. Or chowda, as the natives say. (You can even buy it in a can.)


  1. Wow what an awesome looking place and I would love to be sitting in that coffee shop right now.

  2. As a freelance photographer, you have inspired me to get back to my roots. When I began shooting, I used to go away by myself to places and towns I'd not been to, to "just shoot stuff". And I found the solace in those trips to be so therapeutic. I need to go back. Find those lil niches where the best images are found.
    and by the way.....your manual shooting is great!


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