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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm writing on a Sunday! What, what! Today is a hang around the house, cross items off the to-do list kind of Sunday. A lazy-feeling, but accomplished much kind of Sunday. If that makes sense.

It's the kind of day that invites uncharacteristic blogging practices. Though naive, newbie me used to blog 7 days a week. While going to college. She was nuts.

If you read those How to get your blog noticed! kind of articles, and I have, they often talk about posting at the "right time". A Sunday afternoon post is a waste of a post! they exclaim, No one reads on Sundays!. I do! And if I don't, I appreciate a blogroll full of interesting thoughts and ideas come Monday morning.

One thing I've come to love on a Sunday morning, coffee in hand, are "weekend link" posts. The ones where my favorite bloggers round up their favorite things discovered throughout the week and put them in one place.

So often I read a blog post or news article, or stumble upon a great Etsy find, and make a mental note to mention them. Then I randomly remember them at 3 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon and they end up in a miscellaneous post where one thing often has little to do with the other. Then you guys think I've lost my marbles. Or worse, I forget about them altogether. Woe is me.

So! So! Without further ado (after much ado), I'm writing my first weekend link post. Because I can. And because I hope it becomes a thing.

// Thoughts on the evolution of a blogger's food photography. Do you ever look back and cringe? I do.

// Although our wall space is quickly filling up, I'm still on the hunt for fun, unique pieces of art. I am utterly smitten with these deer photographs. (Though I've had a bad experience with Society6 and their prints come in really funky sizes. Have you noticed? Fortunately, many of the artists have Etsy shops as well.)

// Remember my little meltdown about blogging the other day? Or are you trying to forget? (I don't blame you.) Jenni articulates it so well, as usual, in her post Things I Don't Miss (About Blogging). If a seasoned (and uber-successful) blogger isn't immune to comparison and other blog (and life) related emotions, well, it gives my feelings a little more validation. P.S. I miss her!

// Finding the perfect print with the perfect quote and getting it in two days.

// I'm rather obsessed with minimalist jewelry these days. Earrings in particular. These tiny bar earrings are perfect.


// I find myself gravitating toward comfort and simplicity in shoes, too. Like an old standby: the Birkibuc sandal. Mario thinks I've lost my mind and Portland's crunchy-ness has overtaken me. But really, can you beat the comfort? The Morgan Sandals from Sole + Luster are en route to my house as we speak. (The price! The price!)

// Turning your Instagram photos into mini memory books? Brilliant.

// Finding a new (to me) blog with beautiful photography and delicious recipes makes me really happy. I have two of her recipes planned for this week.

// We all have moments in life when we realize we need to quiet the noise. For me that realization means less television, more reading, home cooked meals, putting my phone away, really looking at and listening to Husband and Kiddo when they speak to me, and more time spent pondering what's affecting me rather than drowning it out with background noise.

// This article, posted earlier this summer, is what really got me thinking about the whole idea of distraction and "noise" in the first place. My original thoughts on it are here.

// Sometimes reading about a person's journey to find health, even if you've heard it before, can motivate you to make a change. For me, that means resuming CrossFit and reeling in my diet.

// I'm thinking about signing up for a Quarterly box. Anyone have a personal experience with it? Curator suggestions? How about NatureBox? I like the idea of having a happy show up in the mail that we can open as a family. (Like my Birchbox subscription... but for all three of us.)

Happy Sunday! I hope it's wonderfully lazy where you are.

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  1. Thanks for these awesome links Sarah! I say keep it up! Loved them all... and am super excited to have found a new vegetarian food blogger, yeah! What recipes did you try?

    (and still a no-reply blogger and can't figure my way out of it...)


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