And so the (Sam Smith) obsession grows.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friday morning, Mario rather casually asked "Would you be interested in seeing a Sam Smith concert tonight?" Um, well, let me think. Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Though the concert sold out six weeks ago, he set about finding tickets. That guy's determination + resourcefulness + Craigslist genius is something to behold.

After several hours of searching, and dozens of phone calls, texts, and emails later, he got through to someone. It took a sketchy sounding trip to an Asian grocery store in downtown Portland, but in the end he scored a pair of tickets. For the original selling price. I know.

It was an awesome night. The venue is outdoors and although large, it's intimate-feeling with everyone perched on picnic blankets and low lawn chairs. 

Guys. It was amazing. I was inspired and touched, and, and, and. No words. 

If you get the chance to see a Sam Smith show, don't walk. Run

Everyone deserves a Mario + Sam Smith in their life.

[Cue requisite grainy iPhone photos that make it look like we were a mile away from the stage instead of the 50 feet we actually were. Also, you can check out his view of us from the stage on Instagram. Good stuff.]

Two hard ciders. I'm such a rebel.
How about that tree behind the stage? I mean, heeellllo.


  1. love love love sam. you see how I'm on a first name basis with him. Sigh*** I wish!
    you a lucky dog for having such a thoughtful hubbs.
    and look how cute ya'll look!!!!

    see?? good things come to those who move to Portland!!!

    1. To say that concert was life-changing is an understatement. He is perfection. It was one of those events that makes you all tingly and inspired to go out and change the world. Gah! I can't stop gushing.

      And yes, good things DO happen in Portlandia. :) This goes in the "best comment ever" category.


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