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Sunday, September 28, 2014

// This post grabbed me and held on. Stories like this are one of the five billion reasons I haven't stepped foot in a Walmart in almost a decade. (Plus I discovered a lovely blog to add to my reading list.)

// The Minecraft Parent. (I'm one of them.)

// Also, Nintendo and I go way back. (A NES from Grandpa at age 6, to be precise... I'm still fiercely brand loyal.) Few know this, and it seldom comes up in casual conversation, but I'm not too shabby in the video game department. Playing The Legend of Zelda is hands-down one of my favorite things and is tied to some of my best memories. It has allowed this mom to bond with her growing boy in a way we might not otherwise. This video has my heart.

// I'm still learning to be brave.

// This bird's eye view is simply amazing. (I want a print!)

// A brilliant, funny bridesmaid photo.

// How coffee got its nickname. I've used the phrase a zillion times with zero insight. Now I know.

// I can't wait to stay here one day. (Soon, I hope.) Even better, how do I go about finding a place like this of my very own? (Could it be the secret to unlocking our dream life?)

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