High Five for Friday: Birthday Edition

Friday, October 10, 2014


Today is my birthday! I have a more thought-provoking post about turning a year older waiting in the wings, but today I intend to focus on the rainbows, butterflies and fifteen million Facebook birthday wishes. (Does anyone else forget they have more than five FB "friends" until they all start showering you with messages one day a year?)

I don't tend to make a big thing of my birthday. There are no "birth month" celebrations or fancy parties. This morning I took Kiddo to school, had pancakes with a stellar man named Mario, and got my official Washington driver's license. I also inquired about a haircut to touch up my diy chop job. Later, later!, we have an out-of-town cross-country meet and a couple of errands. I clearly know how to party.

Some of my favorite days, my most memorable days, are those normal-ish ones spent with the boys. Days where I ignore the dog hair tumbleweeds rolling across the kitchen floor and order pancakes and a mocha without a single pause to consider their calorie content. Where I buy a pair of boxers Husband doesn't need because they have robots on them or a book just because I like the cover, even though they are destined to land on the bottom of a drawer or at the end of my rather large literature queue. A day where I buy the superfluous bottle of lotion just because it smells like cupcakes.

I have a feeling today is going to be one of those days.

Last weekend I let Husband drag me into the Apple Store in downtown Portland. I was all My phone is fine! and he was like It's archaic! Upgrade already! I don't swap out my electronics very often, clinging to them well into their geriatric years. I'm quite fond of my 6-year old laptop and was still smitten with my 4-year old iPhone 4. (The salesman, upon laying eyes on it, actually exclaimed Oooh myyy!) But, well, an iPhone 6 made its way into my hand and the rest is history. It turns out it shouldn't take four minutes to transfer a photo from VSCO to Instagram. Who knew? (Though I'm still unsure about the camera. It's like those HDTVs that make everything look like a BBC program. I'm so uncool.)

Misty mornings are pretty darn magical. Until this week, I had yet to experience a proper Pacific Northwest fog. Yesterday, after waving goodbye to Husband and Kiddo, I walked out to the end of the driveway only to become convinced I was in a Harry Potter movie. You may send all correspondence to: 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

Every once in a while it's necessary to put aside your grain-free diet for the sake of pancakes. Because life without pancakes is no life at all. Also, blueberry + oatmeal pancakes must be good for you.

The realization that you have crow's feet (or a crow's toe, as it were) on the eve of your birthday could be a lot to take in, I suppose. I'm actually rather smitten with it. I think it makes my smile look more genuine.

Mario has been working from home this week, which has meant mornings spent drinking coffee over our respective computers. I really never get tired of hanging out with this guy—even after all these years.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! I would rather have birthday pancakes than birthday cake every time :-)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! :) Wishing you an amazing day.


    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY, MISSY!!!! (just had to say missy...it's such a southern thang!)

    I've been waiting for that first forlorn weather day, albeit not on your bday), to hit and wonder what your reaction would be....those PNW winters can be grueling. So happy for your pancakes. So happy for your new phone. So happy just for you being you!!! and girlfriend, you don't EVEN KNOW what a crow's foot looks like!!!! Hence, why I quit looking in the mirror.
    Been on the beach (check out my blog) loving life, the sunshine and my gal pals!! Going now to catch up on all things Birthday Girl.....lovely reading for Saturday morning.....
    (next time I come to Spokane, you and I are DEFINITELY meeting up!!)


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