DIY Mini Jar Ornaments

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


When Kiddo was in elementary school, I started the tradition of making a yearly ornament. At first it was a solution to the What do I give the teachers and staff? conundrum, but ended up being so much more: It has allowed me to reconnect with Christmas.

We work very hard to focus on quality over quantity this time of year, and try to keep that in mind when purchasing for others. Giving a handmade ornament allows me to express myself creatively, meanwhile creating a keepsake that will get unwrapped and placed on the tree year after year.

I like the idea that I am gifting memories as opposed to something destined for the donation box.

If I had my druthers, every ornament I make would be some sort of diorama. I love peeking through a window into a miniature world. And while I try to mix things up, a theme has certainly emerged: globes. Last year were the Harry Potter ornaments, and the year before that were the bell jar dioramas. (Can I get a hear, hear! for improved photography skills?)

This year I present to you mini jar globes. I had a lot of supplies left over from the bell jar ornaments, so all I had to buy were the jars and a few more bottle brush trees. Mario punched holes in the lids and used a Dremel tool to eliminate any sharp edges on the inside of the lid that could snag the baker's twine loop. I finished them off by punching out a 1" circle of Christmas cardstock, writing our names and the year, and adhering it to the bottom of the jar with a dot of glue. Note: I used E6000 as opposed to hot glue since I was adhering the items to glass and wanted the bond to withstand temperature fluctuations. (Supply list below.)

The end result was simple yet sweet:


  1. These are so incredibly awesome!!! :)

  2. I owe you an email, but I HAD to stop dead in my tracks and say that these are perfection. I love love love this idea!


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