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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Objects that have made life a little kinder lately:

These holiday cards, for accomplishing the impossible: address change + Christmas card + year-in-review letter + family photos. (+ pre-addressed envelopes!) Our Christmas cards aren't usually this involved, but we've had a big year.

These terrariums, which hang in the kitchen window, for making dish duty feel a little less like a chore.

The Pacific Northwest's excellent hard cider offerings. 

These iced lemon cookies, for being a universal crowd-pleaser. I whipped up a big batch and sent them off to friends and our new neighbors.

These tonics, for taking the edge off my allergies, shortening my cold, and bolstering my immune system. 

This jade plant, for adding a little cheer (and a pop of green) to the dining room.

This face, which spends its evenings studying the Christmas lights.

This woodland wrapping paper, for being exactly what I was looking for.

This Tummy Tamer tea (left), which makes my grumbling belly feel so much better. (Husband is obsessed with the Circulatory Blend.) Every night after Kiddo goes to bed, we drink tea and watch an episode of Scandal. It's a rather lovely ritual.

This mini Christmas tree, for 1// satisfying my love of white trees, and 2// standing in for our big tree this year.

This stove top potpourri, for making our house smell so festive.

Also, yay for the little guys! Those small businesses and creative minds who make products I want to own, consume, and give. Natalie mentioned Kokosnoot, a fledgling coconut milk company, on her blog last month. They have 8 days left on their Indiegogo fundraiser. (If you donate $45, you get a copy of Natalie's book + other goodies.) Kiddo is totally dairy-free, and I have to avoid it in most forms, so we drink a lot of coconut milk around these parts. Natural, well-made products + hard working small businesses are super important!

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  1. Love all of this! Your Christmas card is wonderful and those terrariums, so whimsical. That batch of cookies looks delicious and the cider…mmh. I always wanted a white tree but couldn't convince the rest of the clan yet. Kitty eyes on the tree lights - same over here - she loves watching "her" tree and drinks the water from the tree holder. Happy Wednesday xxx


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