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Friday, March 6, 2015

An ode to life lately...

Costa Rica. What else is there to say? It's Costa Rica. (There is a lot more to say, actually. A post is in the works. I was being cavalier.)

Husband loves flying. I do not. There are no phobias or fears, just a general dislike of sitting in one place for many hours with little opportunity to move or establish a personal bubble. I don't mind crying babies or battles for overhead bin space, but I DO crave the freedom to move my body. I've never felt more akin to a sardine than sitting in the middle seat of the economy section. The month of February brought a lot of air travel. I vote to bring the glamour back to aviation for us mere mortals.

Delayed flights, however, present an excellent opportunity to catch up on one's reading goals. While drinking frivolously flavored caffeinated beverages and consuming mass quantities of sour gummy bears. Also, I posted an ode to my beloved Patagonia computer bag while admiring it at the airport. (I wonder if there are statistics on how many saccharine Instagram posts are written in airports.)

Eastern Montana: Skyline views for days. Brown, colorless landscapes. (so. much. brown.) But boy do Montanans know how to do the most important meal of the day. (I can totally dig the "vacation breakfast".)

The Girl Scouts are no joke. They know we are particularly susceptible to those sweet little gems this time of year. I imagine a cookie campaign in February is much more lucrative than in, say, May. Rest assured the ring of my doorbell by a cute, cookie-carrying little girl did not go unanswered.

I feel a deep kinship with my poor New England brethren, so I almost feel bad posting these photos. Almost. Sunshine, blooms everywhere, sunrise by 7a ... our first Pacific Northwest spring is pulling out all the stops. I shed my coat and ate ice cream for lunch the other day, then drove home with the windows down. (I'm sorry, Massachusetts. That was rude.)

Bluer skies have liberated my body from its overwhelming desire to do nothing but eat cookies (see above) and binge watch the contents of our DVR. I'm going to make that 10,000 step goal my bitch. (Right? Right!) (Early morning walks are made much easier by the presence of the multitasking stud muffin pictured above. Typing emails and taking names from the trail.)

The discovery of a darling little bakery. (That lemon curd scone has visited me in my dreams ever since.)

After almost 7 beautiful years together, I retired my geriatric laptop and said hello to this sleek, sexy machine. I just hope I can learn the ins and outs of its operating system before a) I abandon Shiny New Guy out of sheer frustration or b) another 7 years has passed. You're an enigma, Windows 8. (Not to mention the accidental right clicks. Well into the thousands.)

A Sunday afternoon involving paint-your-own pottery and a cat lounge. Mother-son bonding at its finest.

 Have a great weekend!

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