Taking Stock | 02

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Making: a new resume, which is harder than it should be (does the 1 page rule still apply?)
Cooking: all kinds of new things... so many recipes to share (last night was one pot pasta)
Drinking: Detox, Stress Less, Tummy Tamer and Honey Lemon Ginger teas
Reading: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Wanting: a way to take underwater photos with my DSLR (sticker shock!)
Looking: for the perfect job (i.e. best grad school experience + least offensive hours)
Playing: Sam Smith. Always and forever. (+ a healthy dose of Hozier)
Wishing: I could kick a lifelong nail biting habit (the urge to gnaw is fierce!)
Enjoying: seeing my husband more often + sunnier days
Waiting: for t-shirt weather (65 degree days butter my bread)
Liking: the idea of a family vacation. Mario and I have been discussing the whens and wheres.
Wondering: if and when another season of Serial will begin (my house got so clean during Season 1)
Loving: where we live; the PNW speaks to my soul
Hoping: to visit the tulip festival during spring break
Marveling: at Kiddo's athleticism + Husband's work ethic
Needing: sensible heels that can take me from job interview to date night
Smelling: the candle burning on Mario's desk (Chardonnay)
Wearing: black skinny jeans more days in a row than is probably appropriate
Following: Erin's newletter
Noticing: bright, cheerful colors emerging everywhere. Mother Nature is coming to life.
Thinking: what it will be like to join the workforce again after all these years (noticing a theme?)
Bookmarking: this article that matches your personality type to your ideal city (Paris!)
Giggling: at this lip sync battle—which prompted Kiddo and I to re-watch all of them
Feeling: loved. content. excited. nervous.

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  1. Paris for me as well... I had a feeling we were both INFJs!


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