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Thursday, September 17, 2015

This last week was tough in some ways, but simultaneously wonderful:

I was forced to confront a coworker (horrible; I hate confrontation), but I did it and I think we might just become friends. I'm also really proud of myself for facing conflict head on.

In addition to last Friday's day date, I spent Saturday painting pottery, eating ice cream, shopping for cacti, and wandering the streets of Portland with a certain young man I adore.

My fiddle leaf fig, which I was afraid I may have killed, sprouted new branches and the cuttings began growing roots. In less than two weeks! (I just realized I now have three fiddle leaf fig trees...ruh roh.)

Husband is out of town all week and I don't like it one bit.

Kiddo asked a girl to Homecoming and she said...Yes! The theme is "TV couples" and it is all very exciting. Until it hit me: my first and only born is going on his first official date on Saturday. You can find me on the bathroom floor ugly crying. (Where has the time gone?! When did I get old enough for this to happen?! What am I going to dooooo?)

In other Kiddo news: he beat his 5k time from last year by 5 minutes 30 seconds. In.Sane.

Pumpkins made their debut and, if you pay close attention, so have the fall leaves. Just the tips, but I'll take it.


Feeding my current typewriter obsession.

I adore this Michael Kors dress. And oh my... this whole outfit.

When can I move in?

Socality Barbie has social media all atwitter. (I am utterly fascinated. Brilliant.)
This article introduced me to her, and I enjoyed reading this perspective as well.
(You don't have to live in the PNW to get it, but it sure gives you a deeper appreciation for what the photographer is getting at.)

Taking this workshop next month.
(Yay for meeting new people and learning new things!)

Making this soup next week.
(We have been frequenting Portland's ramen joints a lot lately.)

Stepping on the bandwagon.
(I've been counting steps using my iPhone for about a year, but this should streamline things and help keep me on track.)

My new favorite Etsy shop.
(Fueling the addiction.)


  1. Great cross country photo! I ran cross country many years ago and looking at the photo brings memories of crisp fall days and the sun on my face while running :-)

  2. so excited to see pumpkins popping up! yay fall!


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