Monday, September 24, 2012

My quest for vintage Pyrex has me noticing, finding, and visiting antique stores that I typically ignore. Last weekend, as we often do, our family decided to go for a drive. I believe the endpoint was supposed to be an orchard, but we never did get to pick apples. On our way through various small towns in New England, we stopped often so I could scope out their wares.

One such place was a The Barn in Winchendon, MA. This place was huge. Just when we thought we'd reached the top, another staircase presented itself. At one point, thinking I had finally reached the apex, I heard "Mom! You have to come see this!" The voice took me up yet another set of stairs and to something completely unexpected: an owlery. Like in Harry Potter. Only these owls were not mail carriers. To my knowledge.

The attic of this giant barn was filled to the brim with owl figurines. It was like nothing I've ever seen. From below my husband flipped on the light switch and, as if on cue, opera music started playing. I had died and gone to funky owl heaven. Just try and contain yourself.

The view from one end of the room . . .
. . . and the view from the other end.
I loved him. He reminded me of Sir Didymus from Labyrinth.
Is it weird that I really liked this one?
My husband saved me from myself on this one.

In the end I walked away with...nothing. I was there for Pyrex after all. Although I did recently pick up a small owl statue, one collection is all I can handle. Plus, we are trying to declutter our house...and introducing more chachkies would be unproductive. Simplicity is the new goal.

Still, how fun is this little attic?


  1. This little attic is awesome, I have never seen anything like it.

  2. whoa! that's a crazy attic and a crazy collection! stopping by from the tgif blog hop to say hello!

  3. Oh this makes me want to go thrifting/antiquing! I love weird/interesting places like that. It's a great time even if you do walk away with nothing.


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