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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This may be a well-known fact by now: I love owls. For as long as I can remember. Not just any owl, though. I don't dig the ones printed on those black fuzzy blankets sold at state fairs. They have to be quirky and cute and unique. I know it when I see it. Which is why my house isn't overrun with owl figurines. I'd rather have a few amazing pieces that a ton of okay ones.

Last week, while searching Pinterest for birthday-related pics for a post, I came across an owl cake. Which turned into a search for more owl cakes. Which turned into a search for all things owl. You know how it goes. If I'm not careful, I can get trapped in the Pinterest vortex and lose hours at a time.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

These amazing owl cakes got me thinking about some other favorites and an internet search was born. Besides, I haven't bought anything owl themed in at least a week. Although I could have an entire blog dedicated to nothing but owl thingies (great idea!), I'll try and keep the owl-related posts under control.

Anthropologie Ceramic Owl Stamper

I'd go back to snail mail for the opportunity to use this stamp more often. Homemade stationary? Yes, please! Love.

Owl Earrings by laonato

I own these! They are cute and the perfect size. They go with everything. Double love.

Wise Owl T-shirt by CalligramORama

This shirt is darling. I am always amazed by what Etsy artists come up with. It's actually formed from script using descriptive words (wise, etc.). It must be mine.

Owl jewelry tree

I saw this owl tree in my local Target months ago, but I didn't pull the trigger fast enough and it sold out. I found it on their website! I won't let it get away a second time.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I couldn't resist these Pinterest finds. How cute are their little faces? Although I don't usually fall for photos of owls as opposed to funky graphics/prints, these are definitely the exception.

P.S. I had to turn word verification back on for comments. I'm sorry. I hated to do it...but I've been getting too many Viagra comments. Not that I don't appreciate their concern for my relationship. Blogger is great about filtering them out, but I get an email notification each time and it was getting cumbersome. Hopefully it's just temporary!


  1. So cute!! My sister made owl mini cakes for a friends baby shower they were so cute! :)

  2. I owls too! those cakes are amazing!

  3. I am in owl heaven! Thank you for visiting today, your latest ready :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  4. Following back! :) I heart owls too!

  5. Pinterest is so addicting. :) New follower here all the way from the Philippines! :) Mind to follow back? :)


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