Icees, Twinkies, Orville and puppies...oh my!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Howdy, Folks! The past 7 days have been a real zinger. Not the actual Zingers, because Hostess is kaput. Is it weird that I'm all upset even though I've only had one or two Twinkies in my whole life? I guess I took comfort in knowing they were out there if I ever needed them.

Anywho...two quizzes, an exam, my husband's job, my button-pushing offspring, and my senior research presentation conspired to give me a heart attack. My stress levels were through the roof (which is why I have The Cold That Will Not Quit). Why all at once, Professors? Trying to kill this old gal?

Still, I made it to other side. Phew. And Husband is home from France. Now I can enjoy Thanksgiving and all it has to offer. And by offer, I mean a 5 day weekend. Duh. 

It is Thanksgiving week, so it's only natural that I talk about food. As in, there hasn't been a lot of nutrition going on around here. Stress-relieving comfort foods were the name of the game. But I think I'm back on track. Just in time to swim in gravy.


1. This girl earned her Icee. Which I got at Target. Two birds. One stone. 2. Who owned her Icee tongue?  And teeth. I swear I'm a good brusher. I floss every day. Well, close to that. I get tired sometimes. Don't judge. But somehow that Icee manages to make me look like a hillbilly. 3. Hey, Orville! When a lady is in the midst of a crisis and needs cheddar microwave popcorn pronto, you don't give her half a cereal bowl's worth. Besides, the last thing I need to add to the stress heap is a broken tooth courtesy of the 1/2 cup of unpopped kernels at the bottom. No broken tooth, but a lot of broken dreams. Now I know why I never buy microwave popcorn. Fail. 4. While I was knee-deep in homework, Kiddo ate this entire jar of pickles. In one sitting. He's growing like crazy and eating like a rabid racoon...but geez. If I did that, I wouldn't be able to get my shoes on for a week. 5. Those crazy art students decorated the Student Center with canned food sculptures. I want to be an art major. 

6. Target had this beauty last year, but I procrastinated thinking it would go on sale and it sold out. Fast. Determined not to let it slip through my fingers a second time, I pulled the trigger. And it was on sale for 15 bucks. Hurrah! [Merona Sequined Sweater] 7. Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony... 8. A friend just got a new puppy! He is a tiny little nugget of sweetness. Upon holding him, I immediately went into "I want a puppy, too!" mode. Someone needed to throw cold water on me. Thank goodness I snapped out of it, because I do not want a puppy. Yes, I do. 9. I bought a plaid version of these Sorel snow shoes a couple years ago and love them like a turtle loves its shell (I wanted to say "like a fat kid loves cake" but thought better of it. Oh, I just did. Oops.). Upon seeing them recently in the Sundance catalog, I realized that they are, in fact, shoes. Which means it is perfectly legit to wear my slippers warm, comfy shoes in public. I found them for half the price at Sierra Trading Post. Order up a size. Sorel has its own definition of what constitutes a normal shoe size.

Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. I love Icees!!! They are the best, even in the winter haha.


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