High Five for Friday: Lions, Sunrise and a Spot of Tea

Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm definitely high-fiving this Friday. Getting back into the swing of things is rough after 10 days spent lying around in my "house clothes" and sleeping in until 8-9a every morning. Thank goodness it has only been a three day week. The weekend gives me just enough time to undo the semblance of normalcy I've built up to these last few days.

1. Boy have I resented my alarm the last three days. If only Kiddo's school schedule was synced with the college's, we could all stay in our bubble just a bit longer. But, alas. One benefit of a 6a wake up call, however, is experiencing the sunrise along our morning commute. Mario drove Jared to school yesterday, so I took the opportunity to take some photos with my new camera. Sleeping until 8a would mean missing out on all that loveliness...so perhaps I could warm up to the idea of being a morning person after all. 2. I caught a kitty yawn! After days of stalking my photo subjects, I caught this moment in time. Every time I see it I hear the theme song to The Lion King. 3. Jared took his very first ski lesson on Wednesday. He's a natural, of course, and I can't wait until next week when they try out some hills. 4. Is there anything as simple and delicious as warm biscuits and jam? And a cup of hot coffee or tea? I thought not. I made them twice in the past week because they were really hitting the spot. I find making biscuits by hand to be very meditative. I may have been a British nanny in a past life. 5. The last glimmer of Christmas. We took down our tree and decorations on Tuesday, so these ornaments hanging from a restaurant ceiling were both whimsical and a little sad. The holidays are officially over. On the bright side, only eleven more months until the tree goes back up! It's the ciiiiircle, the circle of life.


  1. I love that picture of your kitty!! So sweet and fluffy :) You look like you're getting the hang of your camera, I have the same one. It's lovely to have a good camera isn't it? It makes me want to go more places so I can take lots of snaps to remember the fun we had! x

    1. It IS amazing having a good camera! I take it with me everywhere. My husband, who gifted it to me, is getting a little tired of having his photo taken in any and all settings. :) The cat, on the other hand, loves all the attention. I'm excited to take some lessons so I can really stretch its legs (and figure out how all those AF settings work)!


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