I don't think that you can fake warmth.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

You can fake lust, jealousy, anger; those are all quite easy. But actual, genuine warmth? I don't think you can fake it.

Keira Knightley 

Athleta [circa 2011]

Although I can appreciate the beauty that accompanies this time of year, perpetually cold feet and yet another round of snowblowing wears me out. One big consolation is the cozy clothing that cold weather permits. Sure, shorts and tank tops have their place; but warm, enveloping clothing in soft fabrics can't be rivaled.

J. Crew
Garnet Hill
Disclaimer: I should note that I have never, nor will ever, pay $1300 dollars for a sweater (see the J. Crew number above--now on sale for a mere $800). There are just too many wonderful things I could do with that money. Even if that was a drop in the bucket for us financially (which it is not), I could never embrace that sort of spending. I don't judge those who obviously do (which is why J. Crew can offer it); I would just feel too self-indulgent.

Cashmere is a wonderful material. I bought my first 100% cashmere piece from Target in the form of a cream-colored cardigan. Many, many years later, I'm still wearing it and loving its feel. But it's starting to show its age, and I fantasize about how to repurpose it once it's cardigan days are over. Throwing it in the Planet Aid box is not an option.

I love the feel of snuggly sweaters and warm boots. I love that my lumps and bumps are forgiven in warm winter wear. These outfits are great examples of what I lust for this time of year.

What are your winter favorites?
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  1. Wow $1,300 for a sweater! Holy cow.

  2. i could never either! even if i had large amounts of money i think i would secretly hate myself inside for being so gross with money. ugh! it's pretty but doesn't look like $1300 buckaroos- not that i would even know what a $1300 sweater should look like. haha

  3. I love the navy scarf and gloves...if you want something warm and toasty for you feet, I highly suggest the T-Max Heat socks from Marks Work Wearhouse. My husband got some for Christmas and I haven't been able to take them off!! Although they might be tricky to wear in a shoe...

  4. I love these looks. It is definitely too cold this winter, and we're in St. Louis, so it's really not THAT cold! We're moving to Utah, so I need to really stock up on some cute winter looks, which I love! And I agree with you...$1300 on a sweater...WHAT???


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