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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

 Write a good one.

Brad Paisley

Thirty-two is a rather odd age at which to assume greatness will occur. But I've always felt it. When I was in my twenties, I knew it. When I turned thirty in 2010, I remember thinking "No biggie. Just wait for thirty-two." Call it a sixth sense. Call it nuttiness. Either way, you wouldn't be wrong.

I know it's unusual for someone (especially a woman) to invite future birthdays, but I've always had the feeling that the best was yet to come. I didn't put my life on hold waiting for this year, but in some ways I believe that I held back. For that, I'm sorry. But a life lived with regret is no life at all, so I choose not to dwell on that.

I have never been one to make or keep resolutions, and I am not about start now. But that doesn't mean that I can't make goals and pursue dreams. Some great things are in store for me, and by the time October 2013 rolls around bringing thirty-three, I will look back with even more amazement than I am now.

So today is about celebrating past accomplishments, obstacles overcome, and the innate ability to amaze even myself.

In 2013:

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I will be a college graduate. A bona fide biologist. The last 4 1/2 years have been tough, a lot of tears shed, but in a few short months I will have something of my very own. Something no one can ever take away from me: an education. 
I will be a grad school applicant, and perhaps even a grad school student-to-be should I garner early acceptance. If that doesn't happen, for whatever reason, there must an open door I have not yet sought out.

I will become a better photographer.

I will be a wiser, more patient mother and wife. 

I will love my husband and son in ways that I never expected. It doesn't seem possible to love them more than I do now, but they enrich my life and expand my heart in ways that I will never understand. I'll be forever grateful for those incredible boys.

I will make my house my own. Even more so. Enough with the one-big-project-per-year mentality. I want to enjoy my surroundings now.

Portland, Maine...or Portland, Oregon? Or somewhere in between?
I will find the place my family is supposed to live next. A place where I will obtain the education and career I've worked so hard for. A place my son will find enriching. A place where my husband can thrive in his career. A place where we can make a home, a living, a life, and forever friends.

I will live a simpler life. One lived surrounded by items that make my life more beautiful, comfortable and peaceful; not because they bore that tempting red sticker at Target. We started working on that goal this week, and as a result, are a little lighter in the things department and a little heavier in the green department. More on that soon.

I will celebrate my one-year blogiversary in June. This has been a confusing, challenging, amazing journey. I started out knowing absolutely nothing, and still have a lot to learn, but I've already come a long way toward figuring out who I am as a blogger, how to be true to myself, and how to ensure my voice is my own. If that means I have 2 followers, so be it. But I've discovered a lot of like-minded people who blog for themselves, not others, which has been and always will be my goal. I won't lose sight of that again.
Who knew starting a blog would involve so much soul searching?

I will learn to love fitness. Finally. I know, I know. Everyone says that, which is why we are all being inundated with Treadclimber infomercials and a steady stream of Nutrisystem ads. 
But this is not a resolution. I'm not talking about losing weight or achieving a certain size. Been there, done that. Would those things be a happy side effect? For sure! But I want to feel good. Every. Single. Day. To not want to be the best possible me, to feel blah, to stress over a number feels a lot like a lack of gratitude for this amazing life I was gifted with. I will actively work to never, ever take another day for granted. 

I cannot predict what this year will bring. None of us can. But I can aim to make it everything I want it to be and more. To stop waiting for a, b and c to happen before really, truly begin living life on my terms. I wish you all the best now, and in the year to come. I've enjoyed taking this path with you.

Happy New Year!

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