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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

without a good breakfast.

Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

Last Friday was Ski Day at Jared's school. It was our first, but every year grades 1-8 head to a local ski mountain and spend the day bonding over snow sports. After skiing for 6 hours straight, Kiddo was probably more than a little tired.

Not to be deterred, we continued with our plans to get away for the night. Friday night, after checking into the hotel, Jared became restless, achy, and overtired. We got him a bag of ice for his sore muscles and turned out the lights...much later than his usual bedtime.

Needless to say, we were not shocked when he woke up in the worst mood. We almost abandoned our breakfast plans several times in favor of the hotel restaurant because we simply could not get him functioning. Thank goodness we didn't.

According to Yelp, the best breakfast place in Hull, Massachusetts is Toast. Thanks to the off season, we walked in and were immediately seated. It is a small place, and we were currently avoiding eye contact with The Beast, so we were grateful there was no wait.

Our waitress, an angel on earth, immediately brought coffee. I didn't even bother with decaf. It was 10a and I was already exhausted...I needed the real thing. They even brought some extra brew in a cute little carafe.

After two kind attempts from the waitress to elicit an order from Jared, he finally settled on nothing and instead ordered half the menu. Mario and I didn't say a peep. Eat up, Grouchy Pants. I opted for the Smoked Salmon Benedict and Husband went for corned beef hash (his favorite) and some side orders of this this and that.

While we waited for our food, Mario and I chatted, I snapped a few photos, and Jared read. At one point I thought I saw the owner give me the stink-eye, but the waitress and I chatted about photography and she gave me the thumbs up, so I felt more comfortable. I began to realize the owner has long since mastered the snooty look, so I doubt it was just me.

Still, it was a good time. Kiddo was quiet, and it is one of those places where you could spend all day looking at all the nick knacks, signs, and vintage cookware.

Can I just tell you how insane the food was? Everything was amazing and the hash browns were off the hook. Jared ate most of the 12 things he ordered, including all but a few bites of these strawberry pancakes.

This wasn't any ordinary breakfast. Ohhh no. Not only was the food incredible, it also possessed the magical ability to turn Kiddo's mood around. A complete 180. By the time he dug into those pancakes, he had apologized (without prompting) for his mood, joined the conversation, and was back to making up knock-knock jokes. Also, for the first time ever, he ordered grapefruit juice. He hardly ever tries anything new. I wanted to bottle whatever was in the air.

 If you're ever in the Boston area and up for a little adventure and some great food, this place is a must-try.


  1. I love going out to breakfast when on vacation. This looks like a great place :-)

  2. I have heard about this place before, I would love to try it sometime. :)

  3. Girl, you have just made me drool all over my keyboard with those breakfast pictures. I am about to head downstairs to get my munch on and that is what I want, but of course I will be having a bowl of life cereal instead. For some reason I prefer going to restaurants for breakfast more than any other time of the day. Glad you decided to research while on your vacation and enjoy a little piece of heaven in the form of eggs, pancakes, and hash browns ;) I'm your newest follower from the Wednesday hop, check me out and please return the favor :) Hope you have a SCENTsational day --totally_rachel

    1. Breakfast is our favorite meal to go out, too. :) Thank you for stopping by...I'm heading over to your blog to do some reading.

  4. We love going out for breakfast! Looks delicious!
    I tagged you for the Liebster Award! Come on over and take a look!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Yum!!! I love Yelp. And I seriously want some breakfast now!

  6. Sounds magical and the nick-knacks put me to mind of Cracker Barrel - I could spend hours in those stores. I'll have to keep this place in mind and recommend it to my daughter who is at school right outside Boston.

    1. It's so nice to have something to do while you wait! I didn't even think of Cracker Barrel...the store is a great diversion when there's a line and you have a hungry kid. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, those pancakes look so good! Hmmm...I think I'll put "Toast" on my spring to do list! xo


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