They call me mellow yellow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My anxious anticipation for the spring season. The need for a little brightening. A newly painted buttery yellow room. Seeing the sun before 7:30a for the first time in months.

Already a fan of yellow (it is my all around favorite color), I find myself gravitating toward this sunny hue more than usual lately. Actively seeking it out, really. While I'm not exactly sure why, the reasons listed above are sure possibilities.

So it is only natural that my loves, on this fine Thursday, are all about yellow. Just try not to feel cheerier. I double dog dare you.

Even if Blogger decides you have not earned the right to center your Pinterest sources today.

 1. Not only do I love the color, I love the flavor. No, not banana. Least favorite food next to liver. Oh my. What I meant to say is that I could eat anything and everything lemon flavored. These lemon blueberry cupcakes are going to make an appearance at my house this weekend. [recipe courtesy of Annie's Eats2. This animal print comforter comes in queen size! I don't even care that it is from a children's company. Love. It. [Animales Graficos bedding, The Land of Nod3. These buttery yellow dishes are sure to brighten up any meal [Emma dinnerware, Pottery Barn4. The array of textures and cheery color sold me on this hoodie immediately [Channing hoodie, Sundance Catalog

 5. I love yellow pants. In theory. Unfortunately, I find most to be unflattering, the wrong shade, or too sheer (i.e. good thing I tried them on while wearing black underwear...otherwise I might have really embarrassed myself). These are jeans and the perfect shade of yellow...I would wear them in a second. [Red Engine Cayenne Skinny Jeans in Buttercup, Garnet Hill6. I immediately fell for the cute delicacy and lemony color of these shoes. I would wear them now, if there wasn't a real threat of my toes falling off. [Lemon Crochet Women's Classics, Toms7. I love my trusty black KitchenAid mixer. But I might love it more if it was yellow. [KitchenAid stand mixer in Magestic Yellow, Target].  8. Sometimes just a touch of yellow can make all the difference. [Colorful Times Watch, Sundance Catalog]

And because my love of yellow knows no bounds, I had to check out "yellow kitchens" on Pinterest. You would, too. I wouldn't turn down a single one of these.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I'm pretty sure, upon closer examination, that the last one is a laundry/craft room. I'll take it! I am perhaps more awed by their level of organization.

Be sure to stop by The Daily Tay and enter to win some awesome prizes. I don't advertise much anymore, but her blog is the exception.

Happy Thursday! 
Hope it's sunny where you are! 

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  1. Me too!! I love everything lemon and everything yellow. It's such a PRETTY color. Sigh- love all these pins...

  2. I DID try, and it's no use: I DO feel happier. Seriously, could you imagine cooking in one of those kitchens?! Glorious!

  3. Ah, lovely! Everything looks so fresh and springy! Love it! xxx

  4. I love yellow - but it has to the right yellow for the right occasion. When I got my 'own' room as a young girl I had the walls painted yellow - loved the color then but would find that 'sunshine' tone a bit much now. Yellow is definitely a color you have to try on, whether in pants or on the walls.

    1. I'm with you. I favor buttery yellow colors as opposed to bright sunshine yellow, especially when it comes to wall colors. We just painted our room in a lovely yellow shade (actually called "butter yellow") and I simply love waking up to it. Being surrounded in yellow is such a mood booster.

  5. I love anything and everything yellow! I talked my Mom into painting her kitchen yellow about 5 years ago because I was that obsessed haha. :)

  6. yellow makes me so freaking happy. in fact it was one of the colors in my wedding. i love it so much

  7. I love numbers 2-4 and all of those rooms! As a not so great lover of yellow (because it doesn't look good on me and reminds me of bees which I'm terrified of), I love a lot of these pins.

  8. I love yellow but it has to be the right tone.....all your picks seem to be it! I love them all, especially the kitchens!

    1. Thanks! I agree that the tone of yellow is important and greatly depends on its use.

  9. I can't really pull off yellow. Makes me look ill. I do love those Toms though.

  10. Love your loves! Yellow sure does make things happier!!! One of my projects this summer is painting our front door yellow! That way I can see the happiness as I come around the corner- it'll be like a great big hug every time I walk through the door!

  11. Lovin all the yellow! Just puts ya in a cheery mood!

    Jenna @


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