Scavenger Hunt Sunday + a raffle!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This week's prompts were tough! I didn't have a ton of time to devote to fulfilling them, so many of them were thought up at the last minute. Shocking, I know.

This coming week is Spring Break. Thank goodness. I can catch up on sleep, capture some quiet time, and photograph my surroundings with abandon.

In other news...I'm hosting my first giveaway! Yahoo! A couple weeks ago I bought a new camera strap cover. Upon contacting the shop owner to tell her I wanted to sing her praises on my blog, she offered to give one away to one of my readers. Seriously, they are beyond cute, comfy and practical. The little pockets are the only thing that stand between me and more lost lens caps.

The raffle is below. One lucky winner will get the camera strap cover of their choice from The Poppy Shoppe. Good luck!


High five? Five items? Five feet deep? Five feet tall? This one felt tougher than it should have. End the end, I went with a high five. From Mr. Vista.

Word of the Day
Stumped. Then I came across this photo I took at the Hartford Science Museum a couple weekends ago. I really like this illustration. So instead of just one word of the day, I'm presenting many.


Sharing some sunshine.


The parking lot of the mountain where Jared takes his skiing lessons. When I see this I think squidgy, but walking through it took some wiggling.


As you can imagine, the boys took it really hard when I announced that I would be making cookies because my prompt said I should. After a little Pinterest search for something new, I came across these Nutella cookies. Kiddo had to be cut off...he could have eaten the whole batch.


  1. What a cool giveaway, thanks for hosting! I especially love your "sharing" photo this week.

  2. Wonderful giveaway and I love the high five from Mr. Vista! So cute. :)

  3. The sharing photo is my favorite too.

    for cookies I was fortunate as I had made some a few weeks ago and had some left for this week.

    1. Fortunately, those were really easy. My husband has barely been home lately, so I wanted to make him a 'welcome home' treat. :)

  4. SHaring is one of my favorites.
    Thanks for the chance to win the camera strap too - way cool!

    1. Thanks, Patti! It was a cute little moment of peace. :)

  5. I love the title of your blog. More often than not, I've been feeling like I've lost my mind (age? busy at work? who knows?). Those nutella cookies look pretty tasty! Love your humor "high five" but my fave pic is the words from the museum. How cool.

  6. Oh I love that share picture. I love when the sun shines into the front door. I would be down there sharing it with them if they would have me.

  7. Love the dog and cat sharing a little time together at the door. Nicely captured. Have a blessed Sunday.

  8. Your "sharing" photo is so perfect! haha. Cute!

  9. Sharing is so darn cute! Love it.

  10. Love the high five! Love the camera strap, too. My daughter bought one off line about three months ago and has really enjoyed hers. I am now following your blog!

  11. High five is perfect and your sharing photo is touching.


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