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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

The last 24-hours have been quite unbelievable. If it weren't for the fact that the following events have played out in front of my very eyes, I'd scarcely believe it myself. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

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Last night I began week two of my CrossFit Foundations class. Our goal? Pull-ups. Well kips at least (which is the rocking back and forth you see above... it builds momentum for the actual pull-up). I'll admit it: I could barely hang from the bar for more than five seconds let alone swing like a monkey. I tried a zillion times. My brain said I could do it but my body disagreed wholeheartedly. It sucked. Then came the WOD which kicked my bum. It hurt, I was tired, and I came in dead last. I was frustrated. I got to my car and cried. A lot. I cried because I couldn't do it but wanted to badly. I cried because I'm mad at myself for my lack of physical ability and overall state of chunkiness. 

I arrived home only to be reminded that Mario was on his way out the door to drive to Maine for work and wouldn't be back until Wednesday evening. In my CrossFit stupor, I'd forgotten. I hit the sack exhausted and overwhelmed. I even tried meditating for a bit to calm my overstimulated mind.

At 6a my alarm went off. In the seconds following, I felt a scamper across my back. Still half asleep, I thought it was the cat. I opened my eyes to see a mouse sitting on my nightstand. I don't remember flying across the room in a fit of adrenaline, but this girl flew. Sore muscles be damned.

We have never had mice in our house. Ever. I trapped him in our room and scoured the house looking for A. how it got in, and B. more mice. Thankfully, he didn't seem to bring friends, but I still can't figure out how he got in. In five years of living in the country, this was my first rodent experience (in the house, at least). And I'm traumatized. I opened the sliding glass door to the outside and he soon made his exit (thank goodness!), but I can't shake the awful feeling of waking up to scampering rodent feet on my body. Still, of all the people in my family it could have happened to, it was probably better it happened to me. Mario would have had a full blown coronary and Jared would have been scarred for life. I'm the least skittish when it comes to rodents, and I still need therapy. Fingers crossed he didn't put the word out that our house is some sort of mouse-y rave.

NH Fish and Game

Coffee was definitely in order so after I dropped Kiddo off at school, I headed to Starbucks. If ever a day called for caffeine, this was it. As I pulled in, I saw people stopping and strategically driving over and around something. The something was a giant snapping turtle who misguidedly left the park behind Starbucks to find a place to lay her eggs. I took on the duty of herding her back into the riverside park. She hissed and snapped at me most ungratefully. Thankfully a nice man finally came to my aid, picked her up by her tail, and took her back home. At that point I was wondering if I should have just stayed in my mouse-infested bed.

My lung cells came today and my fingers (and toes) are crossed that I successfully cultured them. This is an amazing experience and grad school application-booster, so keeping them alive will be a huge accomplishment. With only three weeks of research left for the summer, I feel a certain anxiety to get it right.

Coming down off the post-culturing adrenaline rush, I looked at my phone to realize Kiddo hadn't called to let me know he'd made it to the library safe and sound. It is only a couple blocks away from his school, and he's walked it many times, but we always have him call to check in. Twenty minutes after his expected arrival time, no call. Fifty unanswered calls later, I jumped in my car and made the short drive up the street to find him. A block away, a bird swooped in front of my moving car and, well, you know. Fudgesicle.

Kiddo was fine and right where he should have been, but his cell phone remained at home in his gym bag. All is well. Although I'm wondering if my aura needs saging. Or my animal friends are trying to tell me something. 

Everyone has days like this... right?


  1. Yes everyone has days like this! Happens all the time. Hugs! Hope no more mice find their way in.

  2. Wow, what a day Sarah!

    We used to have mice in our downtown house... I certainly don't miss them. But I have to admit they never ran across my body... yuck yuck yuck.

    As for crossfit, I don't know what "WOD" is, but give yourself a good pat on the should for being there and for not giving up. I watched a video of kips just now (so I could figure out what it was all about) and those look amazingly hard!!! But you'll get there... just don't get frustrated!!! And look, because of you, I've started getting back into shape as well. I used to be quite fit but that all turned to sh*t with the last too babies... so i have about 20 lbs to lose. You motivated me to get going and have started to do a series of core exercises every night... it's not much but it's a start!


  3. aww, i'm sorry your day was like this. yes, we all have them and even though they are hard, it's what makes the good days great! one thing i can totally relate to is the crying and being frustrated over lack of ability to do physical activity like you described. i need to get off my lazy bum and get to the gym and build up those muscles so i can do those things. it's very tough mentally. . . hang in there, you will be doing pull-ups in no time (:


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