Winston was gelatinous with fatigue.

Friday, June 14, 2013

George Orwell, 1984

This week has been weird. Tuesday was a disaster, and although the rest of the week was looking rosy by comparison, little blogging took place. I simply felt overwhelmed by life as we all do on occasion. 

Today was a good day. Apparently I have a knack for cell culture, because I nervously looked under the microscope to find a flask full of beautiful lung cells. I did it! On my first try! This biologist is over the moon. With only two weeks left of summer research, I've reached my goal early.

Instead of my usual High Five post, I'm going to give you a glimpse of what life has looked like as of late. Happy Friday!

I needed some fresh air this morning, so I locked up the lab and walked the few blocks to a favorite coffee shop. A latte and breakfast sandwich made everything better. // Spumoni with the husband on my lunch break yesterday. His fave. // Mario invented this Buffalo Chicken pasta salad using only the leftovers lingering in our fridge. Like, OMG. That man has talent. // Tuesday morning definitely called for smoked salmon sandwiched between carbs. I reserve the right to eat bagels any time a mouse invades my personal space.

I put Kiddo on this bus at 6:45 this morning. He's on a school trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I love that he's having this experience, but having him in the big city without his parents makes me go into mama protection mode. I want my baby bear close. On the plus side, Mario and I are going to have a late dinner date after my CrossFit class. // It's a shorts bonanza 'round these parts. Discount codes made them a steal. // Interval training. All week. I've been trying to improve my speed and endurance, and this is the way to get there. I'm tired. // The reason my new shorts still have tags on them. Brrrr. It's June, right?

A dinner date with my main man earlier this week while Mario was out of town. I just adore him.


  1. Wow that buffalo chicken pasta looks divine!

  2. man, today we picked up our baby (ok, so he is 17!) from Boys State camp and stopped at Chili's for lunch --- I ordered the Buffalo Chicken sandwich and it was cold. Mind you, I usually only eat 1/2 and safe the other for left-over, but it.was.cold -- which surprisingly is fine when you are pulling it out of the frig for later, but sucks big time when you are expecting it to be hot! Boy that Buffalo Chicken salad looks good. In all the crazy - it does sound like things are generally going good. Cheers!


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