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Friday, January 3, 2014

This break just won't quit. Today brought yet another snow day and will therefore involve pajamas and food. And hot beverages. Because it must be done. So what if Kiddo will still be in school on July 4th. 

In all seriousness, I must get back to a schedule. This devil may care lifestyle is fun for a bit, but I also find the lack of structure a bit tedious after a while. I like the ritual of my weekdays. Just don't tell anyone. I've clearly gotten old. You want to start a movie after 8p? old. I have a lot to do in the month of January! Let's get this show on the road! Still, I'm enjoying these extra few days with the boys. Mario begins his crazy first quarter travel schedule next week, so I'm soaking up his rugged handsomeness.

In honor of this extra long break, the opportunity to start working toward some goals, and the fresh slate a new year brings, I'm celebrating the little things that made this inaugural week great.

1// Despite the snowy conditions, we decided to get out of the house for a bit last night. We grocery shopped, had dinner, and played Kiddo's new game, Liar's Dice, while enjoying some hot drinks. It was a nice, relaxed evening. If you hadn't noticed, my husband takes his winter driving very seriously. (I actually asked him to lean in so I could a shot... his winter getups never cease to amuse me.)

2// This is the book I hunted down after seeing it at an airport over the summer. I read about 1/3 of it then got distracted by school and the holidays and it sat in my backseat for 2 months. I fished it out and read the remainder in one day. It was a good read. Now I'm ready to delve into my rather long reading list.

3// Okay. It's a full-fledged obsession. I can't help my new found love of legwarmers. I've garnered a few Are those legwarmers? stares from strangers (usually middle-aged women), but I don't care. I'm comfy. After working out, the ability to slip these on and just head out is awesome.

4// Speaking of working out. This past Monday I went back after 6 days off over Christmas. It sucked and I felt unmotivated. Flat. I could scarcely overhead squat 15 pounds. Morale was low. New Year's Eve was better. Much better. I'm ready to put the holidays behind me and get back in the swing of things. To see steady progress again. I'm having trouble connecting with one of the coaches, so I'm trying to overcome that and figure out how to prevent said person from getting in my head. Overcoming these hurdles is good for me, I think. (Though it certainly doesn't feel that way at the time.)

5// Mario got me this sock loom for Christmas. So I can make more legwarmers, of course. I kid. I actually thought it would fun to make some thick wool lounging socks. I'm a sock lover, I am. It's a bit tricky, but then there's YouTube to get me through it. There are knitting classes at a local shop I'm also thinking about taking in the coming weeks. I have some basic crochet skills, but I'm eager to expand my knowledge in this area.

Also, I bought a photography eBook. I'm determined to put my camera on manual and leave it there. I finally have the time to develop some skills while stretching my mental muscles. Although school is done for now, I still want to challenge myself. But in ways I want to be challenged. I realize every day this opportunity is a luxury and therefore a second should not be wasted.

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