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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's official: Portland is not rainy and gray. I've decided it is simply propaganda, meant to keep the masses at bay. It's an attractive place, after all, and traffic is bad enough, so why invite more people to the party? The rumors about the awesome food and great shopping are true, but the rain part is a farce. We've been here 10 whole weeks and have only seen it rain twice. See? Proof.

I am totally on to you. (Whoever you are.)

// Despite the 90 degree temps, which forced us to switch the air conditioning back on, I'm becoming obsessed with fall duds. (Case in point: this outfit.)

// Speaking of which, I've always thought ankle booties were for tiny women in tiny jeans (i.e. not me). Then the other day I came across a rack of various booties at TJ Maxx. I tried on a few and, shocking even myself, learned that I love them. (I also learned that I tend to favor the wedge kind.) I'm a little late to the game, as per usual, but this style guide will help prevent them from collecting dust in my closet, having fallen prey to the "cuter on the rack" syndrome. Goal for this week: buy a pair.


// The most popular clothing brands, not based on revenue, but by internet searches. (Because a Ralph Lauren skirt costs more than a Forever 21 skirt, but it doesn't necessarily mean they're more popular among shoppers.) The author, a Cornell student, has some pretty interesting perspectives on certain brands.

// These wardrobe basics. Almost my entire wardrobe is comprised of basics. So there's that.

Moving on...

// This article about a North Korean architect and his idea of a futurist world is so interesting.

// A post on the human condition, specifically the idea that nicer stuff will bring greater happiness. I read it three times.

// Two similarly great posts about finding happiness with what we have and knowing when to break away from Pinterest (and other outside influences).

// A minimalist blog design I'm smitten with. (Has anyone bought a prefab blog design? Is it easy to install? I'm afraid...)

// Downing raw apple cider vinegar as part of your daily routine. I've tried it before, but failed to find compelling evidence as to why I should put myself through that, so the scientist part of me was never persuaded to stick with it. But! It's the second ingredient in my allergy tonic, which is working wonders (wonders, I tell you!), so I'm giving it another go. I'm telling Biologist Sarah that we are conducting a small scale study and she's tentatively on board.

// Making deodorant. Would you believe it actually works? It does! (Though I can see Mario rolling his eyes all the way from South Dakota. He's positive I've gone totally and hopelessly crunchy.) (P.S. Didn't your mom ever tell you your eyes would stick that way if you didn't stop?)

// Finding a new (to me) blog is a beautiful thing. (I've been reevaluating my blogroll lately and tidying up + seeking out new reads.)

// I wish I was sailing.

Happy Sunday.


  1. I love that photo! So beautiful!

  2. Sarah M! You captured an awesome image. I have visited Portland before my bus to washington dc. It offers many attractive and historical places for tourism. I really like the Portland Art Museum. It had lots of art collections and its structure style is marvelous. I recommend you when you go Portland don’t miss to visit this museum.


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