Lately. As in, January.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

This last Sunday I tackled the snarled mess otherwise known as my camera roll. Two months worth of snaps were clogging up precious GBs and something had to be done (seriously iPhone 6... four hundred photos and you're full?). So I went about transferring photos from the VSCO app back to my camera roll and my camera roll to the Cloud and from the Cloud to my computer. (Is there a simpler way to do this, I ask).

In the process I realized I was creating January and February photo folders simultaneously. And while most of us would be just fine skipping the first month of the year altogether, it still exists. (Should we start a petition?) Events took place and I have the photos to prove it.

Because I live by the motto "It didn't happen if you don't have an iPhone photo to prove it", I'm dumping January right here on this page. All of it. Even though New Years feels like three months ago, it wasn't. (I chalk this up to the fact that I forgot to take my Vitamin D pills for, like, four days straight. SAD is real my friends. So is self-diagnosis via WebMD.) (Also, that isn't actually my motto. I made it up just then. But I'm seriously considering using it as the tagline on my business card. If and when I get one.)

What I'm saying is, life happened. And it looked very similar to this, only slightly less filtered.

Meal planning. It really does exist outside of the blogosphere. It's rather wonderful in that it makes me look and feel especially domestically inclined. It also distracts from the fact that I seldom never vacuum.

The sunrises lately. My goodness. They're making Sunset look bad.

Pacific Northwest fog is quite magical and mysterious. Our street has been looking especially Privet Drive-ish as of late.

If Vista had a Twitter feed, he'd be right up there with Katy Perry in number of followers. He's such a card.

Where have hot pots been all my life? It has been declared: Our next house is going to have a built-in hot pot station. Also, see how seriously Mario takes his hot potting?

Pho comes in at a close second. Homemade or otherwise.

Every home should have a Thinking Fez. Obviously.

I wasn't planning on attending the Costa Rica trip until the second week of January. Our childcare fell through, the timing was off yada yada yada I decided to go after all. So the fact that my passport expires soon + has my maiden name (understandable since we've only been married 8.5 years) became a bit of a concern. (I'm lucky to have made it in and out of Rio last year with all my passport shenanigans. I dodged the bullet that is Brazilian prison.)

Anywho, all this hemming and hawing meant a trek up to the passport office in Seattle to get that bad boy expedited. Which meant a day in Seattle. Which is never cause for complaint.

I heart you, Seattle. 
(And Mario.) 
(And Storyville Coffee.)
(Not necessarily in that order, though it depends on the day.)

A drive up to Seattle calls for a squirrel mask. Duh.

An authentic Mexican food stand is worth its weight in gold. I want to plant a big fat kiss on the cook every time I take a bite of one of his burritos. (You're welcome for that bit of mental imagery.)

Gah! These two. For ever and ever and ever. Amen.

 I started and finished a craft project in the span of two days. A personal best. Husband ate a little crow... though with several totes in the garage full of craft projects in various stages of completion, who can blame his skepticism when I declare my undying love for a cross-stitch otter.

Teva ankle boots. For ever and ever and ever. Amen.

Dill Havarti + smoked salmon + rice crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not enough brew in the world to keep me functioning. And I live in the coffee capital of the United States.

Graffiti art that blows my mind every. single. time.

It's was real, January.


  1. So.... Where's the snow??? Not fair. And is that seriously your handwriting at top? That is!!! Would use it all over my blog (if I ever started blogging again!!!). Love you Boo! Nat Xxx


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