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Monday, January 14, 2013

 to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.

Shirley Jackson

I was obviously overdue for a meltdown last week. Admittedly, I was overwhelmed with my painting project, appointments, and obligations. This was only compounded by the fact that the upcoming semester is nearing and Husband was hitting the road. Oh, and did I mention the independent research paper I've been neglecting? It's not like I could see the pressure cooker effect taking place. Yeah, right.

Let's just say it started with a grouchy, difficult kid and ended with Cheerios and milk all over the floor. Mommy lost her mind. Husband looked at her like she'd lost her mind. Mommy ran away from home.

Well, not really. But I needed to get away. Away from the way my husband looked at me. Away from a grumpy kid. Away from my guilt. So I hit the road. 

I'd love to say that I went on some Kerouac-worthy adventure, but alas. I had to be home for dinner. Latte, camera and laptop. Check. Music turned up. Check.

I took the winding road to Manchester, Vermont. A sleepy little town this time of year, it was the perfect balance of away but not too far away. I took pictures. I visited my favorite bookstore. I got some fresh air. I stopped crying and started thinking of ways to prevent situations like this from happening again. Most importantly, I eventually let myself off the hook. That was the hardest part.

I've talked about my difficulty with stepping away before. But occasionally an explosion knocks some sense into me. 
I need a break once in a while. Even if it's just across state lines.

Several hours later, I headed home with a clearer head and a new perspective.

Can a new book, Tomato Leek Soup and some insanely good tea make everything better? They sure helped.


  1. I am so glad that you took some time for yourself, you deserve it!

  2. Things always get better with a good book, a snack and something hot to sip (in my case this would be a cup of coffee)! Keep walking!

  3. Ah that looks like your day got better as you we t along! Beautiful photostoo! I am still trying to come to terms with taking breaks. It is absolutely needed to refuel and breath...routine always has a way of sucking us in!! Take it easy this week Sarah!

  4. these are beautiful pics! time away definitely does a soul good, even if it is for just a few hours or so.


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